Amarante Inclusion PM - What mine looks like now...

  1. Ok. I'm a lil ticked. As I'm sitting here on tPF...I decided to go through and sort my Inclusions neatly to get ready for the newer ones. Now, I think a few know about those like whitish/clear lines on the sides of some of the bracelets... Well, when finding an Amarante one back in June-ish, I noticed on one those lines..almost like the color was seperating a tad. I got another with LESS but still had a few thinner areas that were affected. Well, I just took it out to look at as I looked at all of them and noticed in the light....the seperated areas got larger, especially one area...and it seems to have like grown. it looks like the color is eating away almost...I took pics of that and the other areas which haven't grown AS much, but still grew. I've seen a lot of the new ones: gray, black, even parme - with these marks..small-medium lines and tiny eaten away areas. That's why I scrutinize my Inclusions before buying them like crazy, so I don't bring home something like the Amarante one again (I bring a small flashlight even...) but I never thought it would get THIS bad over time........ I didn't know these spots GREW, I just thought they were gonna be there and to live with it. I'm very glad I inspect them intensly now before buying. I noticed my Black PM one has only one small bit like that - which I never saw before and now I'm scared of that growing. I took a pic of that too...

    Does anyone have this problem and does anyone know of any stores that still might have the Amarante PM - I'd have to go through with the SA about the mark thing, cause it's not worth it getting another if they have these on it already and will do the same thing...I'm super mad now and I don't think mine is defective, as I have seen these marks (smaller and not as much, but still..) on a lot of them, especially the new ones.

    Thanks for taking a look (sorry for the dusty mousepad area on my laptop, lol..)

    amarante1.JPG amarante2.JPG amarante3.JPG amarante4.JPG
  2. New Black:
  3. Yikes, how annoying!
    Maybe it's the cold weather? You know how like when you get a crack in your windshield and cold weather can make it grow?

    No idea but that's just weird.
  4. ^^^ I know! It is I said, some of them are in the stores on the new ones too...a lil more subtle cause they are lighter colors, but a lot of them have these things on them now...not as much as the amarante, but they have them. The fact that it grew just astonishes me! I wore it like maybe 4 - 5 times at most and kept it in it's cloth baggy the whole time in a good climate controlled room. :shrugs::crybaby:
  5. Eek, I had no idea! Now that I look at it, there's the teeniest bit of one on my black ring which I got from a reseller. I seriously wonder what makes it do that, it seems so odd!
  6. Sorry to hear that Gayle....had a problem with my Amarante barrette, and it went back...they told me they are having probs with grey inclusions....I thought they really worked out the kinks in this line, but I guess not !!
  7. Wow!!! So sorry that you are having this problem. Bring the bracelet back to LV with your receipt. It should be under some sort of warranty. It's obvious that you would not have purchased the Amarante bracelet if it had been in that condition. LV should give you a credit for the problem.

    I checked my Amarante bracelet and it looks fine. I also checked my new Black GM bracelet that I bought last year and it looks ok. I also checked my old Black PM (original run) and it looks fine.

    Let us know what happens - I hope LV gives you a credit for this problem.
  8. The thing is Peace...I don't have the receipt..i completely tossed it out like, a few weeks after getting it, cause i always keep my inclusions and the marks weren't so severe, just here and, since it grew, and it's been a long time, i'm not sure...maybe i should still take it in and see if they can do anything, i dunno =/
  9. GalyleLV - even though you don't have your receipt, take it inot the boutique anyway. They should be able to locate your purchase in the computer if you made it in a boutique. I had an issue with a pastilles bracelet and they were able to locate my purchase date without a receipt.
    Hopefully, they'll offer you something, these bracelets are not that old and this should not be happening.
  10. I am not sure I know the area that you are talking about where the lines are. Am I seeing a reflection on the top or is that it? Is the line along the base where the color meets the clear part?
  11. That's not a reflection, that's it, thats the big one she is referring to and yes its BIG!! You do not need your receipt, LV has your purchase in their computer as long as you bought it from Louis Vuitton direct (which I think you said you did) Take it back and have them exchange it for another one. The other areas are small, but the fact that you said they are growing would concern me too. I realize you state that you keep them in a pouch in your house which is climate controlled; however, when you do wear them they can be subjected to extreme weather, like the cold weather in your area. But goodness, that is what the bracelet is for, to WEAR, right!!! Take it back, get another and be sure to take your flashlight! (flashlight is a good idea for the inclusion)

  12. Agree with above posting!!! LV should be able to look up your receipt under your customer number. I hope Gayle receives some sort of credit because that is an obvious defect and shouldn't be happening with the Inclusion bracelets.

    However, I would recommend for future reference to keep all of your LV receipts for your own records. I keep all receipts and tags from LV purchases in case I want to sell the items later and also for insurance reasons. I started an excel spreadsheet of all of my LV purchases listing retail price paid, tax, item name/description, and type (accessory, purse, etc.) to keep track of everything I spent on LV. Actually, kind of scary when I look at the totals!!!
  13. ^^ I usually do keep all reciepts mainly w/ bags (and some jewelry) but was not thinking with this and tossed it =/ tags, booklets, etc i alllways keep. yeah, i'll take it into the store this week and see what's up. Thanks girls :heart:
  14. Oh dear, can't believe how bad it looks :sad:
    Hope you get it sorted out soon. Good luck!
  15. This is really disturbing. Keep us updated and good luck!