Amarante Inclusion bracelet now showing...

  1. So pretty!!!

  2. And it seems to be available to purchase!!!!!!!
  3. Here's the ring...

    amarante ring.jpg
  4. now i really can't wait for the accessories to come out!!! a cles in this colour would be fabulous!
  5. I am so ready for this color!
  6. i knoooow!! i have one in pomme but theres definitely room for another vernis cles!! im excited!

  7. Actually, on the US version of, when you click on purchase now, it takes you to eluxury website, but the amarante ring/bracelet is not yet available supposedly until June for US. However, availability date could be different for Europe and Australia.

    But, I can't wait until it comes out!!! (Bracelet!!!!)
  8. wow love it.
  9. Umm... Delish! I love how it looks black and has a purple under-tone.
  10. I am definitely going to seriously consider that PM bangle! wow!
  11. OMG!! I want a cles and agenda is this color :smile: maybe even a bedford... *drools*
  12. Amarante is not yet available to purchase on we have to wait till june it seems!
  13. is the hair barrette coming out in this colour, that is so HOT can't wait for the bags and things
  14. Yummy....I am so going to get a Roxbury in this color!!!!!
  15. Wow it's gorgeous!! I am just *dying* to see how it looks in bag form. I think it will make a beautiful Bedford, Houston, Roxbury...