Amarante help please!

  1. As I sit here and drool over the Amarante color, would you buy the Sunset Blvd, Reade PM or Roxbury and why?
    I can't make up my mind!
  2. i'm planning on geting a reade pm in amarante. the sunset blvd (the clutch right?) is cute but i don't go out that often to warrant a bag. if that's not it than scratch that whole reason lol.

    the roxbury, while its a nice bag, i just don't feel the shape. some ladies pull it off really well, but it'll look awkward on me.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Caley! I am very tempted between the Reade and Sunset. I am only attracted to the Sunset because it serves as a wallet, evening bag or clutch. However, as an evening bag, I do carry more than credit cards and change. I am hoping I can fit a slim cell phone in there at least? I don't go out often, too, but it is so darn pretty! The Reade is actually a great day to evening bag, isn't it? I once had a Marshmallow Reade and used it both day and night. I can't make up my mind:confused1:
  4. I am in the same predicament as you, I am loving amarante but not sure what to get.

    I have the Roxbury in Pomme and the Reade in Bronze. If I didn't have a Roxbury already I would get it in Amarante. The Roxbury is a fabulous bag, it can go evening or day and it holds a lot.I love the fact that it is hand held and shoulder and I think it falls perfectly when used as a shoulder bag. I do, however, also love my Reade. It is very functional and holds a lot. I don't really have a problem with its open top like others. It is also very easy to carry for a hand held.

    I know I didn't help you one bit...but let us know what you decide! Good Luck!
  5. Thank you, Rileygirl, for sharing your thoughts! The bronze Reade is one of my favorites - it is a beautiful color. Would you get a Sunset? I actually love how there is no vachetta on it.
    I've tried the Roxbury in noisette and loved how it looked on me, however, I'm not sure how it would look in Amarante. Do you use your pomme Roxbury during the day, say, while shopping? I would love a Roxbury in noisette!

    Before I saw pics of the Sunset, I had my heart set on getting a Reade and a ludlow:smile: Then I read about the extra buffer cloth for fingerprints and thought that this rich, shiny color might be best for night time use (less seeing of fingerprints) vs. day time use. However, you really can't appreciate the true, beautiful color of Amarante unless you see it in the sunlight! I'm a mess!
  6. ^^^I am a mess too, LOL. I've used my Pomme Roxbury in the day and it gets a lot of compliments, it really is a stunning bag and it looks so chic and trendy at the same time. I've worn her with dresses and with jeans.

    I lik the Sunset, however, I am now a mommy with kids and I don't do the evenings out much at all so I would never use it. If I were about 10 years younger, or at least kidless I would prob. go for it. I esp. love that gold plate with louis vuitton in script!
  7. I'm getting the Reade PM. It's the one decent style in Vernis that I don't have yet..I already have a Lexington, 2 Houstons, Bedford, Biscayne Bay GM and Petronia St. And for accessories I have 2 PTI's, 2 pochette wallets, a ludlow, and a 4 key holder. Sooo the Reade PM is kind of a given for me lol.
  8. Oh, I have kids, too, and don't do evenings much...I need to rethink this Sunset:smile:
  9. Wow, what a wonderful variety of vernis! Why wouldn't you go for the Sunset? I guess because it's simliar to the Lexington and PTI's?
  10. EEEK! Don't make me dissuade you! My daughter is 16 months and my little boy is due in Sept. so when I say no night time outings, that's why. It would be a really hot evening bag but I won't see an evening out for maybe another 2 years!
  11. You're a busy mom and mom to be! Don't worry, I totally appreciate any thoughts to get my mind to stop from going round and round! I knew this color would make it so difficult for me to decide!
  12. I wasn't expecting this because the first pix that came out looked purple and I am sooo not a purple fan and because of that I didn't waitlist anything. Well, today I look at other pix and it just looks so beautiful (I am a maroon fan) so like you I am not trying to figure out what to get! I've never had anything vernis before and in the last 4 months I got a Bronze Reade, a Framboise Agenda, and a French Purse, Cles, and Rox in Pomme...I now have nothing left to buy in the amarante except really expensive things! So I am in the same boat as you, going crazy and really wanting something NOW!

  13. So how can you resist NOT getting a Sunset? JK;)
    You have a fantastic vernis collection as well! I personally love vernis. I sold my marshmallow Reade a few years ago - didn't want to deal with the changing color of it, but I still have a marshmallow ludlow, framboise cles, pomme heart, um that's about all! I could use another Reade - I really liked that bag:heart:
  14. Oh, marshmallow, would so love one of those, missed that whole line.

    I think I am leaning toward a Reade after looking on'll prob. change my mind tomorrow.
  15. Thanks! And for me, it's just because it's so small. I collect my pochettes but I'm in need of a couple of larger bags too. The small ones are cute but just not practical for me..I find that though I love it, I rarely use my Lexington. It's smaller inside than my pochettes.
    Here's a semi updated pic of my vernis pieces, the only piece missing in there is my other Peppermint vernis PTI: