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    Finally postin pics of my cutie pie LV CLES I got last week at LV.LOVES this color.....ADORE IT!!!! shows fingerprints..but I dont care.the color is TDF !!!
  2. Beautiful, thanks for posting and congrat's on such a cute piece.
  3. It's so purtty. I do love the color. It's amazing.
  4. congrats its so pretty!
  5. Congrats on your Cles!! I absolutely LOVE the colour... It looks beautifull in pics, but it is GORGEOUS in real life, as the colour changes with the angle of your view!
  6. oooh i love this colour, i was debating to get a cles in another post and i soooo want one
  7. Jill, Congrats! Loving the way your pic brings out the colour in the amarante, too many people were saying it looked black, put me right off it. I want the lovely purple/burgundy to show. seriously thinking about the Summit in amarante.
    See you have the Astropil keyring also great item :smile:
  8. so pretty. congrats! what's the round LV thing on the upper left side of the picture?
  9. Amarante, such an intriguing colour.:tender:
  10. Congratulations.
  11. aw, that's so cute!
  12. It's absolutely beautiful!
  13. Congrats! It's gorgeous. :heart:
  14. Cute! It looks like a really nice color....I love it!