Amarante Cles from Elux is peeling???

  1. Okay so I am going to make this as short as possible.
    Today is my wedding anniversary & EVERYTHING has gone wrong! Its just been a really bad day ALL AROUND. The kicker, 2 things arrive in the mail today.

    One is an LV epi checkbook cover from eBay & I think its fake! ARGH! But even MORE disappointing is my aramante cles! It arrives is GORGEOUS but it looks as though on the very bottom right below the stitching something totally FUNKY is going on! It looks STRANGE & like it might PEEL! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!:tdown:

    I know I can do a return w/ ELUX but come on!:crybaby:
  2. Oh no!!! I hope you get your replacement cles right away!! And the eBay fake --- dang! Too bad about that, but you can get your money back, right?? I hope everything works out for you. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
  3. I'm so sorry! Can you post a picture of the peeling cles?
  4. Oh, that doesn't sound too good! You should file a complaint with eBay to get your money back. And demand free shipping for the cles from elux!!! Hope things turn out well for you :heart:
  5. aww- sorry to hear you've had a crappy day :sad: But you'll be able to get a new cles soon and you can always post the checkbook cover in the Authenticate This thread :flowers:
  6. I am so sorry about your day. That is just plain rotton. Anything we can do to help?:confused1:
  7. aww sorry to hear! here's hoping everything would turn out well for both the cles and checkbook cover. happy wedding anniv by the way :flowers:
  8. so sorry to hear that.......

    congrats on your wedding anniv.......
  9. oh not, that's horrible! Send it back to elux right away. BTW, don't let it ruin your anniversary :smile:
  10. Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm sorry to hear that it is not going as planned. As far as the checkbook, are you sure it's a fake? How about posting it so the experts from tPF can authenticate it. If the Amarante cles is peeling then return it and ask for an exchange.
  11. THANKS EVERYONE! I knew you guys would help me feel better.

    I'll contact Elux tomorrow & I will try to post pics of the peeling & the questionable epi.

    I have never posted pics on the forum before but I have really been wanting to post in my bag showcase (that sounds so snobby) but I do want you all to see the cles. Its tiny & that color vernis is so hard to capture but I WILL TRY!

    The epi looks good except for 2 things; I can't find a date code & the interior of the interior (if that makes sense) is weird. Plus I already have 2 a mandarin & a red & this yellow just makes me unsure. AGAIN, I will try to post pics in Authenticate this forum!

    Thanks again EVERYBODY! :love:

    Oh & just to rant some more the other UGH! things that happened today:
    *My boss was 35 mins late on letting me go on a Friday & my Anniv! ={
    *My dog has panic attacks (severe) when he hears fire works & as DH & I were getting ready to go out to dinner my redneck neighbors decide to light a bunch off!
    *I was hoping to get $$$ towards law school & they SAID "NO!" They left a message on my machine when I was at work. (100,000.00+ in loans here I come)!
    *My mother did not even recognize our anniversary even though I reminded her about it 2 days ago! NO cal, no card.

    But DH & I have eachother & SOON I will have a piece of aramante that isn't questionable! Thanks again guys!:tup::flowers:

    Oh, did I mention I have to move to Oklahoma by 8/12??? Can you say "stress"?:wtf:
  12. Oh, Ghost thanks for asking. Just replying to my post makes me feel better! Thanks A TON!

  13. No problem~ We have ALL had rough of late. I know what you mean about the day going awry.

    I have 3 degrees (One BS, MS and just finished MA) I had to get loans for all of those). BUT~ They will pay themselves off over the long haul. I just bites in the meantime.

    Your poor dog:wtf:....

    Parents and in-laws are a pain in the ass...mine forget everything!

    I can't find the datecodes in my Amarante and i have some CRAZY wacked out buyer saying I "Used and abused a noe I sold" :boxing::nuts:

    Moving! Wow.....I completely understand...but think how much fun it will be to decorate etc...once you get there!:okay:

  14. Happy Anniversary. Hope things will look up!:flowers:
  15. sorry to hear that.
    my big tight bear hug to you!!!!