Amarante Bellevue GM PICs!!!

  1. I found my bday present!! I couldnt help myself!!

  2. OMG beautiful bag! i LOVE the color!!!
  3. Congrats she is beautiful
  4. Lucky you!! Congrats!!
  5. Oh, so pretty!!! Congrats! Where did you get it?
  6. love it, congrats!
  7. Soooo very pretty! Congrats.
  8. Congrats - it looks lovely on you ! :yes:
  9. the color is absolutely rich and stunning!! congratulations! :smile:
  10. Thank you Everyone:smile: I ordered her over the phone from the Short Hills LV @ NM :yahoo:

    when i can officially take her outside on my bday( as long as its not snowing or raining) id love to take more pics to show the true purple color..I LOve it!Im so obsessed with purple now!! I need purple everything..i just bought a purple Chanel Ameythist eyeshadow but you guys know what i really need :graucho:..Amarante Pouchette Cles :yahoo: keep ur fingers crossed for me!!
  11. It's GORGEOUS..Congrats & Happy Birthday!
  12. verry nice
  13. looks delicious :smile:
    i wanna eat it all up :biggrin:

    lol congrats and happy birthday!
  14. LVOE it! Congrats and happy birthday. I have the roxbury in Amarante and it's such a unique color, looks great with black, blue, red, gray, it almost takes on the color of whatever you are wearing! Enjoy!
  15. Love your bag - enjoy!