Amarante back on elux!!!

  1. I was checking out elux this morning and i saw the sunset blvd and the summit drive are on elux!!!

    jsut thought id share in case!!!
  2. they also have the 4-key holder and the ludlow wallet!
  3. the summit drive is a vernis version of the priscilla
  4. also saw the vernis sunset blvd clutch! i have it in my shopping bag- Love the 'black cherry' color!!!!!!
  5. im really starting to love the color!!!! i think i definatly want something from this line....just not sure what!
  6. what is the vernis street clutch?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. the sunset blvd is sold out!! :sad:
  9. Already?~? :push:
  10. they have the french purse!

  11. Do you want one? I have one and was going to order it but I think it is too small for me...
  12. ^^ but dont show the color. BUT it has 8 c/c slots :smile:

  13. are you sure... there's only Framboise, Noisette and Pomme.. :s
  14. Was the amarante sunset boulevard supposed to be released tomorrow or on friday in stores?
  15. no, at least not yet.. i just ordered a neverfull gm last night... (now i wanna get a wallet :wondering shame.. lol)