amarante and damier

  1. do you think amarante goes with damier, Like a amarante wallet with a damier bag?? I don't know if they are both too dark:confused1:
  2. It would go ok, but actually, I think pomme or even the old vernis red goes better, matches the lining more :smile:
  3. I love Pommed with damier , also noisette and pearle go very nicely, I love the amarante with azur.
  4. i agree with twinkle.tink, i have used my pomme pochette wallet with my damier parioli and the contrast is really nice and it matches the lining.
  5. I agree..pomme would be hot with damier
  6. i think they look good together, but its not the BEST combo.
  7. i don't think amarante will look good with damier..but in the winter it may. i prefer pomme with damier.
  8. Agreed. :tup:
  9. Pomme is fabulous with damier I think. Amarante I'm not so sure about.
  10. I think it'd look ok especially because the Amarante is so dark in general.
  11. I dont see why not, but i agree with others, pomme looks great! I like to be different though and I brought a noisette cles for my damier bags, and it looks GREAT!! xx
  12. Yikes! Amarante and azur, that's a very nice thought! Will need to try my amarante sunset with my azur 25; sunset went out on a date with me last weekend and was sooo sexy!:tup:
  13. It would love good.
  14. I don't think it would look bad but I do agree with the others that Pomme would look the best.
  15. I'm another one for Pomme and Damier, but definitely not opposed to using amarante with damier. Go with what you like!