Amarante already sold out?

  1. lies :p
  2. Yeah definitely. It's just because it's new and hot.
    My store only had 3 bags left yesterday but they will definitely have more. :yes:
  3. Ya I shouldn't worry too much, similarly to the Pomme it will become more and more available (if it isn't now) as the hype dies down, I dont think a cles is worth $350 imo
  4. They are just capitalizing on the hype of a new color. It was like this with Pomme. It'll die down in a couple weeks.
  5. No worries...there will be more!
  6. There is alot of the Amarante things in my boutique in edmonton
  7. still lots in my boutique too
  8. There will be more. I read that it's going to be a permanent line.
  9. Should be more soon. No worries.