Amarante agenda confirmed

  1. i posted a thread earlier looking for a pomme agenda. well my cousin said it all sold out in hk so i have no hope in finding one now.

    but the SA told her the agenda will come in amarante.

    ummm......i'm not too sure wanting that color.
  2. Sounds yummy!
  3. Sounds nice,
    Thanks for the info!
    But i can't completely fall in love with Amarante,
    The finger prints drive me crazy :sad:
  4. I would love to see the Amarante agenda.
  5. nice.
  6. Oh I want one.
    Any idea when?
  7. Sure hope it's true!

    I'm dying for an agenda, but I'm waiting to see if it comes out in amarante.
  8. thanks for the info.....when is it due out?
  9. i heard that to from various SAs but I called 1866 vuitton and they confirmed that there weren't any being made, so thats that.
  10. ^^^, I was about to say are you sure??? Because (as I have said in numerous threads) it was not on the amarante release list....I checked, more than once.