Amarante Advice!!!!


Which color should I get?

  1. Amarante

  2. Beige

  3. Pomme

  4. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Well I purchase a amarante Roxbury Drive bag today~~I dont know if I actually love the color or not. After reading about amarante I realize there are finger print problems...Should I return the bag and get different color or should I keept it? I need advice

    IF change the color? What color?

  2. If the finger prints doesn't bother you, I'll say keep it.It is a STUNNING colour. :love:
  3. i like the pomme better
  4. I do too
  5. I voted for amarante because I think the color makes for a great evening look. It'll also be so nice in the Fall, or even now.
  6. I never bought anything in vernis before because I really didnt like any of the past colors (except marshmallow and I was too late on that one). I just bought the sunset blvd in the amarante, and the color is fabulous, if you can toleratea few fingerprints ....good luck!
  7. I really like the noisette color, it looks amazing with a patina!
  8. amarante all the way!
  9. I love the Amarante colour but the figure prints were too much for me so i decided to get a cles.So i vote for Pomme
  10. If you can handle the fingerprints and you like the color, then go with the Amarante. If not, then definitely go with the Pomme!
  11. keep it, its HOT
  12. I say keep the Amarante and get another bag in Pomme. :tup:
  13. The Amarante is an amazing color, but if the finger prints are already a concern I would exchange it for Pomme, I love the Rox in Pomme!
  14. I say keep the Amarante. Its such a gorgeous rich color :yes: Fingerprints can be wiped off.
  15. I'd want to be 100% happy and if the fingerprints bother you would take it back :smile: