Amanda wristlet and skinny mini ??

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  1. for everyone that scored big time on the amanda wristlets and skinny minis (well it seems like everyone !!) .. i have seen so many gorgeous pics here lately......
    what is the feel of them .. is it very satiny ... would it snag over time ??
    i have never seen any IRL.... no outlets to visit till summer and no coach store around...
  2. Mine have yet to snag and my accessories are used allll the time and very frequently. For not babying them they are in excellent condition, so I wouldn't worry too much....
  3. I've been using my teal makeup bag all last month and no problems with snagging. :smile:
  4. I haven't used mine yet.
    I'm glad to hear they're not snagging for some.
    They feel like they will snag, though.
    Time will tell...
  5. i was just afraid of the snagging .. done by my nasty jagged fingernails
    (long story) and also staining it ....i seem to be accident prone !

    i have some pieces from the old heritage stripe .. cosmetic case skinny mini and I can just easily wipe any dirt off...
    so i was just weary of this satin line !
  6. I think the satin line is gorgeous, and I have used 3 pieces so far without any snagging.
  7. I am sacre to use my Op Art Satin make up bags due to Snagging, good to hear I can use it and not be scared