Amanda satchels outlet v. dept stores

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  1. So.......I want the small Amanda satchel in magenta. I've read in prior threads that they were available at Bloomingdale's for $55 :wtf:!!!! Is that right? If so, am I just going to have to call every Bloomingdale's on the eastern seaboard to find one in the color I want?

    At Macy's, they're priced at $187 (after the 30% markdown) and I've only seen the gray (grey?). I was at the Leesburg (VA) Coach outlet on Saturday morning and they had the lime green one, but my stupid self didn't even think to check the price. Does anybody happen to know the price of the A. satchels at the outlet?

    All the ones on da*Bay are going for between $130 and $180. Ugh, too many options...and none of them all that great (either by price or selection, BOO!).
  2. I think they are $94 at the outlet. Unfortunately, my outlet doesn't have any. I am looking for the teal one and am hoping to find a decent deal on one at a dept store also.
  3. The last time I saw magenta at department stores was during the holidays for $160.

    Good luck though! Those went fast, the color is very vibrant and pretty.
  4. Yup, that's what it was ringing up for at Bloomingdales on sunday $55. I don't remember if that was with an additional 15% off. Try calling the South Coast plaza Bloomies in costa mesa CA. Good luck!
  5. I just got one on ebay for $155 magenta.

    I absoulty cant wait to get this bag!!

    I also want to know how much they are going for everywhere else
  6. My Dillards had them for $134 on Saturday the 17th.
  7. OMG! Just called in a charge-hold to Leesburg for the MAGENTA SATIN AMANDA!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEE! Thanks to Bunny for posting their newest stock in the Leesburg thread! Cost: 99.74 w/ the tax (tag: 94.99)! Original price $268! Latest completed auction prices on da*Bay have gone for: 102.50 + 9 s/h, 145.99 + 8 s/h, 91 + 10 s/h, 139 + 7.80 s/h, 130 + 9 s/h and 152 + 13 s/h (plus at least 10 that didn't sell at all w/ price tags or reserves upwards of $150+). So, all in all, I got a better deal than *Bay! Plus, I work pretty close to L-burg, so swinging by there on the way home from work is not *that* big of a deal (20 mins. appx), plus I don't have to pay the toll!
  8. woooooooooot!!:yahoo::tup:
  9. There was a gorgeous Amanda Satchel in Black at my OUtlet last night... and I am wishing I had gotten her... I may head back there today... I LOVE the Black Satin....
  10. And... you can't beat the Outlet price.. LOL....
  11. Tamy, those black ones are STUNNING! I saw one as I was checking out...I may just have to go back myself (although I'm sure it's LONG GONE by now!).

  12. Oops, might be gone then.... I was up at Leesburg when they opened this morning (Sat. 1/24) and picked one up. Sorry Michelle!
  13. No worries, Kelly; I carried my magenta around today and LOVE HER! I already have WAY too many black bags, none of which are duplicates, so it's for the best that you grabbed her up! YAY that one of MY coachie pals got it!