Amanda Peet Welcomes A Daughter

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    Amanda Peet and her husband David Benioff had a baby girl! Their rep would confirm the birth, but wouldn’t release any other information.
  2. Actress Amanda Peet is a first time mom after welcoming daughter Frances Pen on Wednesday. The New York Post says Amanda was expected at a Wednesday lunch, but couldn't make it because she went into labor. They have confirmed with her rep that she gave birth to a baby girl in Los Angeles. Us Weekly reports that the baby's middle name is in honor of Amanda's mom, Penny.
    Frances is the first child for Studio 60 star Amanda and her screenwriter husband David Benioff.
  3. Wish them all the best! She seems to be a very sweet and warm person. And at least their daughter has a normal name :smile:
  4. Aww great wish them all the best!I really like her!
  5. Wonderful news =) wishing them all the best!
  6. Oh that's cute! Congrats to them :biggrin:
  7. I bet their baby will have GORGEOUS eyes! Congrats to them!
  8. Congrats to them!
  9. That's gonna be one darling baby! Nice name too.
  10. Aww that's cute :heart:
  11. Yeah, right. :yes:
  12. Congrats to them. I love Amanda Peet, sad to see Studio 60 was cancelled. I bet Frances is soo cute.
  13. Congrats to them. I like the name also.
  14. Oh thank GOD!!!! A normal name for a change!!!! This will be one gorgeous little girl!!!! I think Amanda Peet is lovely......
  15. Congrats to them, she is lovely!