Amanda Lepore

  1. Ive just become a fan of Amanda Lepore, she seems like such a fun person. I was just reading her story which I wanted to share with you all...its quite sad.

    The child of a chemical engineer father (Italian-American) and a schizophrenic mother (German-American), Lepore was born as a male in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. At the age of 11 she professed to her parents that she wanted a sex change operation after seeing a TV show on the subject. Unable to tolerate dressing as a boy, Lepore made the decision to go to school dressed as a girl which concerned her guidance counselor; she wasn't allowed to attend school as a female, so she received a tutor at home. At the age of 15 she began designing costumes for dancers at a local strip joint. During this time she received hormones from an underage transsexual friend who accepted outfits as payment. After her body developed breasts her tutor recommended a psychiatrist. Lepore was diagnosed as a transsexual. The psychiatrist informed her parents and helped in getting the hormones legally.

    Her first surgical operation, rhinoplasty, occurred at the age of fifteen, which she received for free by her then-boyfriend, a plastic surgeon. Afterwards, Lepore became involved with a bookstore owner. He was initially unaware that Lepore was transsexual, but when Lepore told him so, he accepted her anyway and revealed the situation to his parents who were compassionate and allowed her into their family. His parents took Lepore to a doctor for the operation, but couldn’t continue until her biological mother gave her consent because she was a minor. By the age of seventeen (through a legal loophole) Lepore had a full sex reassignment operation. Eventually she married the bookstore owner and moved in with his family. Due to her husband’s jealousy and concern of others finding out his wife was transsexual, Lepore was house-bound. Over a period of seven months, Lepore planned an escape, during which time she saved money and finally left. Her husband hired a detective to find her, resulting in Lepore filing a restraining order against him. She kept in contact with her husband’s father, as he understood why she had to leave.

    At her new home in New York City she made $45 a day working at a salon. She took the advice of a friend and became a dominatrix, fulfilling the erotic fantasies of others. A friend took her to Michael Alig’s party “Disco 2000,” where she was immediately accepted for who she was and became the centre of attention. Working at a Bowery bar, LaChapelle stumbled upon her and they became important parts of each other’s lives.

    Amanda has had three breast augmentations, her eyes slanted twice, her forehead lifted, her hairline pulled down and her brow bone reduced. She has also had her forehead, buttocks and hips enhanced with liquid silicone injections. Most notably, she had her lips enlarged with liquid silicone injections (and subsequently reduced) and has had her lower rib broken and pushed in.
  2. interesting, i always wondered what her story was... thanks for posting:smile:

    i saw her coming out of a restaurant a few weeks ago in the city... i love how over-the-top her style is.
  3. me too, shes not really known here that well. But I saw her on a David LaChapelle picture and thought she was so unusual looking and had great style.
  4. ^^ahhh, i LOVE his work:heart:
  5. who?

    Have a photo for us who have never heard of this person please:tender:
  6. hey swanky, here are some pics (in attachments)
    al.jpg al2.jpg
  7. Thanks for all that!
    I have wanted to know her story to!
    Since seeing her on the Heatherette runway shows on youtube :p Gotta Love Heatherette !
  8. all that cosmetic work is freaking me out. . . I can't look at her :cry:
    It's TOO much.
  9. What did she look like before?
  10. ....oh dear..................
  11. Her story is quite interesting, but yikes! I agree with Swanky, too much work. She could have stopped at some point, but I guess to each their own. If she is comfortable and happy in her own skin, that is all that matters at the end of the day.
  12. i read her story too on myspace and I loved it..she writes so open & honestly about her life....very inspiring.
  13. I guess it is no one's business but her own, but she seems addicted to plastic surgery. She was quite pretty once; she now looks like a strange parody.
  14. She was in the movie Party Monster which is the story of the Club Kids......Richie Rich of Heatherette is in it too.
  15. She WAS a Club Kid. There's a great clip of her (along with Michael Alig and James St. James) on The Joan Rivers Show:

    (I, personally think that all that plastic surgery is too much, but if she's happy in her body then good for her.)