Amalia Leather Flap Shoulder Bag?

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag IRL? If so, I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts on the bag including the quality of leather and workmanship. Many thanks!
  2. Izzy, did you end up purchasing?

    I’m considering it as well and haven’t seen it in person yet.
  3. Enza Penza, please pardon me for taking so long to answer you. I waited to see if anyone would answer and put off purchasing the bag still hoping to hear some comments. Last week I decided to order the bag in the brown tone from Nordstrom and to my shock it was already sold out in the color I want. Hopefully, the bag will be purchased again by Nordstrom's buyers because I would rather purchase it from them. Points for my purchase plus Nordstrom is fantastic with their return.
    Did you purchase it? If you do, please let me know and take some pictures. Wish I had gone ahead and purchased it!

  4. I didn’t purchases and I’m still debating. Like you, I was hoping to see someone post a few pics as I have only seen it online. I really like a color I only see on, and I’m hesitant to order since I have no idea how likely I am to keep (plus, it’s $ more there than anywhere else! )

    Fingers crossed Nordstrom restocks soon!
  5. We may just be out of luck but if at some time you see it in stock again, please let me know. I think we would both like it but I don't want to pay any more than the Nordstrom retail price. ;