Amadeus has 2 weeks to go and THE PONY POPS ARRIVED!!

  1. Some of probably clicked on this out of morbid curiosity thinking "WTF is a Pony Pop??"

    So my wonderful baby boy Amadeus has "admitted defeat" and accepted the fact that he is on stall rest. I have not seen him act like a complete fruitcake lately in his stall, but he is very obviously BORED out of his mind. Thanks to tPF and our wonderful horsey crowd here, I was introduced to "Pony Pops" and HE IS IN LOVE!! He licked and attacked that thing for TWO HOURS while I was there. Everyone was just watching him go to town on it. Two more weeks of stall rest to go.

    Thank you tPF for keeping my baby occupied and sane!!

    In his first "smiley face" picture he is saying "THANK YOU COBALT BLU for introducing me to Pony Pops!!"

    BTW his official show name I decided is "Invitation Only." I love it!
    DSC02119.jpg DSC02120.jpg DSC02121.jpg
  2. What a great idea. I think we all could use a Pony Pop once in a while.
  3. Aww he looks so happy! I love his big smile! :biggrin:
  4. Yay, I hope that keeps Amadeus occupied during his stall rest! My horse Elliot could finish off one of those likits in a day!

    I hope Amadeus has a speedy recover and can get some bucks out soon!
  5. Oh, wow! I sure could have used something like this many years ago when my mare was on stall rest! He looks so happy!

    Pony Pops. I'll have to remember that. I still know a few folks with horses. And you are right, I clicked on this out of a morbid curiousity to see what the heck a "pont pop" was! HA!
  6. Love the smiling pic!!! Glad he's having fun, must be awful boring in that stall without them Pony Pops!
  7. awww!! Very cute. Hopefully this will help with the boredom!
  8. Hi kristie, Always love to read your updates on Amadeus. I absolutely adore the show name.

    So glad he is coming around!!
  9. Great idea! What a cutie!!
  10. very sweet :smile:
  11. Great show name and love the big cheesy grin! If we could only all be that happy -- the world would be an amazing place!
  12. Wow that's a happy horsey with that smile!! :yes:
  13. Clap and Cheer!!!

    Great pics!
  14. Oh, Kristie, I am thrilled!!!! I just knew in my heart when I met the Pony Popsters in Sacramento that their hearts were in it!! I am really so happy that this is helping Amadeus! I feel all aglow!!!

    But I think this says it all....

  15. Voodoo and CB!!!!!! There you guys are! Yes, I went to the barn yesterday and his whole nose was sticky and brown and his cheeks and forelock are all sticky too. It is from licking that thing to death and it swings around, hits him in the head and he goes right back at it again.......he is SO happy with it!