Am SO happy ... but have such a wait ...

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  1. Hello chanel-ers!

    So ... my b'day is at the end of March and my lovely new hubby is putting a substantial chunk of $$ towards one of my dream bags - its the soft squares flap.

    I found one on ebay (brand new) and its here! :yahoo: I love it ... so slouchy and cool.

    But alas ... it been taken away and hidden till the day.

    Ill def do a reveal when i get it.

    I was worried that i might be too weirdly shaped (after reading some posts here) but its great ...

    Anyone else have one?

  2. Oohh!! First of all, congrats! What a sweet hubby :biggrin: and Happy early Birthday!
  3. nice congrats!
  4. thank you! I have visions of my being Taylor Jacobson-esque but alas, i dont have the rest of her amazing wardrobe ;)
  5. congrats!!
  6. Congrats and happy birthday! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. congrats!!
  8. congrats...I would be searching everywhere! heheh
  9. i wanna see your reveal soon.. Congrats on the new bag. That is so nice of your new husband!! LOL
  10. Happy early B day,hope to see your reveal soon!;)
  11. If I were you, I'll be sleepless with anticipation!
    To see and then have it hidden, ohhh.... :Push:
    Your hubby is both sweet and cruel!
  12. Congrats and an early Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see your reveal (and hopefully modeling) pics.