Am seriously thinking about getting..

  1. The bag is HUGE! Do you carry the kitchen sink w/ you everyday? WOW!
  2. OMG I love that bag! I love big bags as well
  3. Beejerry: LOL I think it's really big too! But this is the only nice bag I have found that can carry my laptop and a few books

    And I do like big bags! :o)
  4. large bags are great! i think the one you chose is a good one!
  5. Actually, I do like the style, but the size is too big. Don't you worry about shoulder pain? I think 3 lbs is the best/optimum weight to put on your shoulder.
  6. I thought about that.. And the more I look at it the bigger it seems..

    I think I might get a smaller one...but still a big bag.

    Thanks for your advise!
  7. sorry you changed your mind...still a nice bag nonetheless
  8. I love big bags too - not so practical when you are out shopping though. But as a work / school bag I love 'em big!!!!!!

    Please post a pic of it when you get it...
  9. I like big bags too but I can only go so big...otherwise it looks like a second home for
  10. i like the professional look =]
  11. LOL. You can carry a desktop in there. lol. The whole library. Cute though.