am sad !!! need expert advice!!!

  1. :girlsigh: i Just bought my anthracity giant golden hardware in city size few days ago.
    my gf had the aquamarine color in golden giant city size , she said anthracite color is ugly she think her aquamarine look better then mine !!!
    well , am jus some freak girl that dun have much self confident but it really took me very long to get this bag .....

    people , if you think anthracite VS aquamarine giant city ?

    most pp will choose what color for golden hardware version?

    pls leave me ur comment ! i need vote :confused1:
  2. one more thing pp , i feel more sad after went through the pages here , not many pp have .. anthracite color... is that becoz is nt popular?
  3. that is not nice of your friend to say something like that. don't let her comment get you down. your bag is beyond gorgeous and you should wear it with pride. you know what? personally, i would rather have anthracite GGH over the aquamarine GGH without a doubt. don't mind what other people say. the only thing that matters is whether you love it or not. so just enjoy your bag!
  4. If I could find an anthracite bag I would buy one immediately. They seem to be getting rare because everyone has loved and bought them. They are going to be real classics.

    You have made the best possible choice. I wish that I had a bag like yours.
  5. Anthracite is a very popular color.. and at times very hard to come by. You should ultimately be purchasing your bags based on your own likes and dislikes, and not so much on other peoples opinions. If you're not happy with your purchase or not 100% sure about it, return the bag until you've decided which color suits you best. IMO, Anthracite is a lovely chameleon color, it changes colors in different lighting and its dark enough to go with anything. gOod luck on your bBag quest.
  6. Forgot to say - the gold hardware is wonderful.

    Your bag is completely perfect.
  7. Well I have just got an anthracite city myself but with GSH and I think its a great choice:tup:
  8. I think anthracite is a great color that's more classic than aquamarine. It doesn't matter what other people say as long as you love your bag. Aquamarine is a fun, bright color, but I'd personally chose the anthracite because it's much more versatile and you can wear it with a lot more outfits.
  9. i def. love the anthracite over the aquamarine. i think you dont see many because it is rare. and congrat with your bag, it must be great. share us some pics :graucho:
  10. I vote for Anthracite!! It is especially gorgeous with GGH!! Don't let your friend ruin your happiness with your new bag!! I bought Marine not too long ago and I was torn between Anthracite and Marine!! Enjoy!!
  11. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous. She is just jealous.
  12. so YOU like aqua and not anthra now? so what happens when another person tells you another colour is better looking? did you possibly get the bbag for the 'wrong' reason? it's your hard earned money. if you change your mind about the colour, have it exchanged for the colour YOU like (unless you're buying the bbag to gain approval from other people).

    btw, i honestly think anthra is a :tup: choice. i think each bal shade and combi is gorgeous in its own way.
  13. after reading all you guy comment i so happy now.. i guess i make the right choice thank u pp :heart:

  14. I think glossies comment is very true but I understand what your going thru I had to face opposition from hubby in the beginning of my Baladdiction he then called my ink work a dull shoppingbag,:sad: now he has come to like the bright Bal's but I prefer the neutrals :upsidedown:. Even if I have a pretty shure taste this had rattled me a bid.
  15. you guy are fast respond ! well maybe i jus lack of confident !!!
    maybe my fd jus an idiot some pp r like that . like to say something to make another person feel bad then they will be happy !!!!
    well , first i bought my anthracite coz ... i jus love balenciaga but all the shade of balenciaga make me feel dizzy all of them look so nice so i really dont know what to get man !
    and pls understand me is my very first b bag .. hahaha ..
    anyway i love to be a collector from now on ...

    : work / in red color?