Am ready to take the plunge but...

  1. Hey girls, so i was looking at the speedy mini lin dune the other day and i fell in love. :love: but i'm afraid to fall in love because if anything happens to my love ie marks or stain on her, i'd be devastated. Anyone of you had any problems yet?? I know that it is eventually going to be dirty because of the color and material. Just thinking if it's goin to be worth it and getting my heart crushed. Lols..
  2. If you're having doubts now, you'll have more probs with it later imo. I agree with ya that it's going to be very prone to dirt, so if you really love this mini lin speedy style, I'd suggest that you get the Ebene :yes:
  3. i think that if you're really worried about the material, you probably won't fully enjoy the bag.

    i agree with cecilia on the ebene though :smile:
  4. GET it it's not like you are gonna set it on the flor or put in in you'r lap wille eating it, you just have to be more carefull and baby it, and you'll be fine I love the ebene...
  5. Get the bag in Ebene so you don't have to worry about getting it dirty. :yes:
  6. there was just a thread on this! The other tPF'er went out in the rain and snow and held up GREAT! I say go for it! Elux says it's resistant so I think it'll be ok

    GET IT!!! :yahoo: It's so beautiful!
  7. Get it. It's not as fragile as it appears to be despite its fair coloring. Besides if you love it you wouldn't just toss it around.