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  1. Hi guys just wondering am i mad to want a jpg birkin in black over the cyclamen 35 birkin that is about to come in ?and if i do decide on the jpg where do i begin to find one ? As my store is only getting a orange one and that has someones name on it !There are a few on ebay but i dont know the sellers i cant find the one Flossy is selling....Helppppppppppppp:smile:
  2. Well...I'm biased. Cyclamen is no longer available to order, so I would stick with that one and get a black JPG at a later date. Cyclamen is sooo beautiful and RARE now! It's understandable to maybe want black now that fall's coming and cyclamen might get less use for awhile, but remember black is always available.

    Of course, when you see the cyclamen, your heart will tell you what to do! Good luck in your decision!
  3. Birkingirl,

    I think you have to go see the bag first. If it is not for you, then just pass. Let us all know and we can start to keep our eyes open for you on the black JPG. It will take a great deal of work and effort, but it is out there somewhere. You can find just have to be patient.

    Frenchiefan is right...cyclamen is on the outs, so this may be one of the last round coming through.

    No one can tell you what to have to make this decision and go fromt there.
  4. Birkingirl, I think you should see the bag first and than decide what to do.
    If you decide to pass, than pleeeease let me know (I would love a cyclamen 35 birkin) ;)
  5. I agree with everyone that you have to go see the bag first. Then, if Cupid puts an arrow to your heart, you know it's yours.

    For me personally, even though cyclamen is rare, I would choose a black one over cyclamen. I only like cyclamen in small accessories ...
  6. Hi, Birkingirl!! Did you PM Flossy? I know she is a member here and is always willing to help! She is a total sweetie. Does cyclamen go with your wardrobe? Which bag is "singing" to you? If you listen closely, I'll bet you can hear it! Let us know which you are going to choose.
  7. Here you go.

    eBay: AUTHENTIC HERMES JPG SHOULDER BIRKIN - Pre-owned (item 170016612646 end time Aug-17-06 14:37:01 PDT)
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth. :flowers: :yes:
  9. I agree with Hermes bag has to STRIKE you in the heart. Otherwise you will never be happy with it.....take a look at it when it comes in and decide then. Black JPG's seem to be out there and available.....
  10. Thanks guys ,sorry for the delay ! Was at a matinee of starlight express with 2 of my girls ... I did pm flossy about the jpg ....I love it what do you think of the price and previous owned bags ? will my hermes store send it to be refurbished when the time comes ?If i was to buy it i dont think i could even see the cyclamen one !!!! But of course if one of you wanted it i would help you out....:smile: