Am of to new york...

  1. Hi guys i thought i would ask you first ,am going to New York with my 8 and 5 yr old on the 16 november to do american girl etc ... leaving my 3 yr old at home:crybaby: ... If i can only do one thing for myself on that 5 day trip i would love to go to Hermes on 5th ave ( am I right about address?)... can any of you US girls able to give me the name of a nice sa ? and any nice ideas for restaurants or shops for my girls had heard of some amazing candy store but cant remember where i saw it.... thank you so much and if any of you guys venture to the emerald isle please let me know....Ps wot are my chances of picking up a gold /orange/fushia kelly or bolide?:smile:
  2. Is it Dylan's Candy Bar? Sorry, I am no H help in NYC...
  3. Hermes is on Madison ave, and 62 st. A great place for fun and hot chocolate for kids of all ages is is on 59 st and between 2-3 ave.:flowers:
  4. Dylan's is at 61st? and 3rd Avenue. Be prepared for a sugar rush. I'm PMing you the name of my SA.
  5. Ah I went to Dylan's one Sat. night about 10pm!!! It was such a cool, fun place - I can only imagine how a child would love it lol!!! Have a great trip!
  6. My kids loved Dylan's. Serendipity is nice too though lines can be long.
  7. Have a wonderful time, Birkin Girl! NYC is my favorite city in the States....and it will be a memorable trip for you and your children! And while you're at it, buy yourself a "little something" at 62nd and Madison...:graucho:
  8. Thanks everyone and to you who have pmd me with ideas,yes shopmom i will do my best ! really hoping to get a 37 squishy bolide in a bright colour or a classice kelly in gold... but have promised myself that this trip is about the girls... but it would be nice to bring a little or big box back from the big apple, would also love to get something from David Yurman .... !!! or Tiffanys ,not fussy me !!!:smile:
  9. I will be there visiting family the day after you leave! You will have a great time with the girls. Great shopping for all of you as the dollar is so weak against the Euro.
  10. Have asked my husband to have the ccards primped and ready:graucho: ...
  11. Oh, have fun! There's nothing like a trip down Madison Ave!
  12. HAve a fabulous time! We can't wait to see what possibly comes home with you!
  13. I am really excited for you!
  14. BTW, My niece "did" the American Girl in LA (The Grove) last time she visited...she absolutely loved it! Had lunch/tea (brought her doll, they have special chairs for the dolls), saw a fashion show, purchased matching outfits for self and doll, had doll's hair styled, took photos with doll in matching outfits...the works!
  15. Socal, we have booked lunch and a show at american girl they are so excited Daisy my oldest has changed her money into dollars and every day takes them out to have a look ...!