Am looking for this demin shorts jumper on Kirsten Dunst - or something similar

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hi Ladies. I'm looking for a denim shorts jumpsuit like or similar to the one Kirsten is wearing here.

    I've done some searches, but I only am finding stores carrying "hoochy mama" ones!:nuts:

    Any help? I was told Forever21, but had no luck in an online search.
  2. ahh! sorry I'm no help but that is a CUTE outfit!
    post if you ever find any good ones out there! i'll try looking too
  3. Isn't it so cute?!! I just love it. It looks comfy, it covers all body parts very well and isn't too tight, so someone my age can still wear it I think.

    The ones I kept running into online were deep v necks, or hot shorts, halter tops...too "sexy". I like the boy'ish/casual look to the one above. Could be dressed up with accessories or dressed way down.

    If I find it, I'll post...
  4. cute!!
  5. I think I have seen similiar items at Express and The Limited.
  6. Ahhhh!!! I think I might have found it! Does this look similar? The sleeves are different and I wish I could see it w/out a belt. And...I won't spend that much for a trendy summer outfit. [​IMG]

    Source: Asos
    Brand: Snob
  7. stella mccartney has an AWESOME romper at net-a-porter...however that will set you back around $995...
  8. What about something like this??
  9. Forever21 does have something in a similar style for $28.00, but I don't recommend it. I tried it on earlier today and the style was SO cute - but their version is made from satiny fabric and it felt a bit like pajamas.
  10. oo the snob one is cute. i think the one from djpremium is tacky, no offense.
  11. try old navy?
  12. i think hers is a skirt bottom not shorts? i've seen tons of that style in h&m if u don't want to spend a ton on a trendy outfit
  13. :lol: None taken.
  14. i did see a similar style at old navy a month ago...
  15. I finally found one I love!!! Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies. I love this one and the price is right![​IMG]

    I'm not a young spring chick, so I had to stay away from the sexier versions. THis is kind of a prison suit uniform with the sleeves and legs cut off! ;)LOL

    I'm gonna post some others I thought were cute, however too young for me, in case some of you like them.

    Store: Dogfunk
    Price 63.00

    It comes in Iron too, which is a dark blackish grey. Which color? Tan for spring?