Am I wrong here?

  1. I know I can come to you girls for advice. I'm having a dilemma, one that merits deep contemplative thought. :confused1: I can't seem to pull myself away from the signature print. My justification being that if I'm going to buy an expensive handbag, I want people to know and I want to be able to see it. Maybe I'm just overtly shallow,pompus,pretentious, shameless, and borderline narcissistic. What do you girls think?? Who's with me?? Yay? Nay? Interestingly enough, my boyfriend, who is seemingly indifferent to the handbag situation, agrees in buying signature. Is the signature prints of all these expensive handbags a bad thing? It makes me feel bad somtimes:sad:

    I wish I could spread Coach to the world in all its splender, encourage materialism lol. We should start a nonprofit.

    P.S. Sorry I'm random
  2. No, you are not alone. I personally love the look of the coach signature and have always thought if I am going to pay that much for (insert item here) then I dang well want to know the brand! :wtf: I don't know, it may be lame or shallow but if not why not buy a lesser brand? It may not last quite as long, but that's not always the case. I am starting to appreciate Coach leather more but I am still drawn to signature. I don't think it's wrong and that is why we have name brands in the first place. Plus, let's face it.. certain brands are made better but not all... and a lot of people, agree or not, pay just for that name. :yes:
  3. It's your money, spend it how you want. As long as you have your priorities straight ie. make the house payment, car payment etc. first, make sure you feed the family first, pay off debt. You know that type of stuff. But if you like signature, carry it and love it! I like leather a little bit more than signature but I have a friend who tells me that if she were going to buy Coach, it'd be signature because she'd want everyone to know what the heck she spent all her money on! LOL!
  4.'re not wrong in feeling that way! When you look at a bag and you say "AHHHHHHH", that's what make it all worthwhile!! Although I have a few, siggy's are not my fave but I do understand the attraction! It's all good!!:tup:
  5. To be able to say that we don't like showing off (in life not just handbags) would be a lie.

    It's normal, don't feel bad.
  6. I too love the signature prints! Only recently have I noticed a few of the leather bags, but only a few styles have caught my eye. Like the Ali, I do not like the signature ones, but the all leather is TDF!!! And the patent Ergo's, OMG I gotta get me one of those!! I am loving the pond and the red!! which one to make mine :s Of course I love the tote Ergo more so then the hobo. But overall, I really prefer the signature bags.
  7. Definitely not alone! The sig jacquard is still my favorite and I like to be able to carry a purse that adds to how fabulous I'm feeling on that day. :smile: I like COACH leather as well, but it doesn't give me that same feeling. Also, if I'm considering buying a leather bag, I wonder how soon it would go to the outlet because if it did, I could get it for much cheaper. I rarely see the sig fabric I like at my outlet so I tend to pay full price for it at the boutique. In the end, I like seeing the C's on my bag.
  8. I am drawn to the signature print too. I have recently bought some leather coach but sometimes shallow as it may seem...I like for people to see the C's on my bag. I think I am just so proud that I own a coach purse plus I love the sig look.
    I do agree bills should be paid first plus I believe in saving, giving and then spending.
  9. I think for my personal taste I prefer leather. I'm not really a 'look at me' kinda girl. But some like it and that's OK too. It's a matter of personal taste/style.
    I do admire siggy and I own 2 siggy bags but they are black and chocolate so they don't really scream Coach. And I also feel the need to baby them somewhat b/c I would die if I stained them or ripped them--KWIM? With leather--esp. Legacy--I feel it's more durable.
    I am drawn to the new Heritage Stripe b/c of the durability of coated canvas. But I'm curious to see how I feel about it once I own it---will I feel weird using it? Maybe I won't care! :shrugs:
    I guess the bottom line is I don't care if anyone knows it's Coach or not. I like it and that's what matters. But, hey, to each her own!
  10. :tup: agree 100%
  11. I think you should go with what you love. I have some signature and I really love it, but I am drawn more to the leather. I think the appeal of the leather ( at least for me) is that:
    1. It seems to get better with age
    2. There's something about the smell of good leather that just does me in!
    3. I think that a lot ofleather bags stay more timeless in their design
    4. On a more practical note, most fabric will eventually fray, fade, or soil, and even
    though leather can scuff or scratch, if it is good leather, it adds character.

    That being said, I still do love my signature bags and feel great when I am carrying them. Basically, when it comes to Coach handbags, I love the one I'm with! If you love the sig, don't think twice about it, buy what you love! :love:
  12. I get into signature phases from time to time, but I lean more towards leather (durability, less stains). But you're right, when I want people to know what I'm carrying, I reach for the signature bags!
  13. When I first started getting intersted in Coach all I wanted was the Signature and now I have started liking the leather a little but more, but I only really like the legacy leather, oh and that new madeline in magenta. I have about 18 bags and only 2 are leather! I am still attracted to the signature I just can't help myself, so no I don't think you are crazy!!!
  14. While I do like some signature styles, I prefer the all leather bags and get the most use out of them.
  15. I'm actually just the opposite! Im not one for calling attention to myself, and I figure anyones' attention I would want would know a Coach leather bag from a regular leather bag! But really I love Coach leather, always have, and it really doesnt matter if people know I spent a decent amount of money on my bags. Quite honestly, alot of people around my area have Coach signature, so I also prefer the leather so I dont just go along with the crowd. I have three signature pieces but that is strictly because I prefer those bags in signature.