Am I wrong? Buyer says Auction is Misleading

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you guys on the eBay forum could offer some guidance. I feel terrible about the whole situation. I did a completed items search and found that a Marc Jacobs wallet sold for $300, even though the retail was only $168. So I wrote in the listing that the same item sold for $300 on eBay. I just assumed it was a hot commodity as the color sold out on Zappos and many times hard to find items sell above retail. The auction ended at $155, but the person who won it said she felt mislead by the $300 eBay valuation. Was it wrong to list the item that way? I did not mean to mislead any potential buyers and the item did sell for less than retail. Maybe I'm walking a fine line? Please let me know what you guys think. I don't want to an Ebay bad guy.... Thanks!
  2. Did you state in the auction how much the wallet actually retailed for? Was there a picture of the price tag in the auction?
  3. you have to be careful in saying stuff like that. I would ask the buyer what she would like for you to do, does she want to return it, or did she just want to let you know how she felt
  4. Maybe a little unintentionally misleading but also keep in mind that many buyers do not actually read the descriptions completelly. She could have asked you questions or done her own research prior to bidding...I really would not worry about it too much.
  5. Sadly, I didn't list the retail price. Although now, I wish I had. The item is new with tags and the $168 retail price is written on there. But I only pictured the Marc Jacobs logo side of the tag...unlucky. I am trying to make amends with the buyer. I gave her the option of free shipping (she is an international buyer) or a mutual agreement not to complete transaction. Why does being the good guy always mean the short end of the stick? I'm hoping for the best Thanks for your advice.
  6. I don't think that is misleading at all. I buy and sell on ebay all the time and if I read an auction that stated that same item sold on ebay for $300 I would not take that to mean that that is the value of the item, only that another sold for that much.
  7. You are really going out of your way for this buyer...and you don't have to so kudos to you for being nice. You technically don't owe her a thing. Everyone knows you need to do your homework before bidding on anything. It's not like you told her false info...good luck.
  8. You were being honest. Rare & Hard to Find. One like this just sold for $300 right here on ebay. No problem with that!

    And if an item is going for higher than retail, I don't list the retail price.
  9. Not misleading. Surely she must have known the regular retail price?
    Besides that lots of things on Ebay sell for way over their original price. Maybe she just changed her mind and is looking for an out?
  10. I personally dont feel its misleading - because you did state a fact, although eBay might feel differently. But I dont know.

    When I find something I really want, I will do a search immediately to see if that same item is being sold by anyone else. If it is. I will always read the description of each auction. I will also read feedback Etc from each seller. Then decide which one I want to bid on.

    I once sold something and before listing it, I did a search to see how much others were selling it for. At the time I listed it, it was the ONLY one like it. So I stated in my auction that "it was a hard to find item and the only one on eBay". Days into my auction I searched again, and a few popped up! LOL But I dont really think I was misleading though. It wasnt intentional at least!!
  11. Why does she think you mislead her? If she had read the auction prior to bidding she would know exactly what was said, when did she realize the mistake on her part??? Before or after she won? Before or after payment? There is something that doesn't add up to me. Buyers remorse???? Wanting it to resell, if so, she should have researched prior to bidding.
  12. I don't think that statement was misleading. The same wallet sold on eBay for $300. Pretty easy to understand unless you are a complete idiot....of course there are plenty of eBay buyers that fit that description.
  13. I don't think you were being innacurate in saying that the wallet had sold on eBay for $300, as that was true; as long as you made it crystal clear that it was sold at that price on eBay and not in stores.

    In reality, I think it's a given that rare and hard-to-find items will often sell for way above retail on eBay.

    Whether it is right that eBay sellers buy up stock and make an item sell-out prematurely in stores and then sell it at above retail price on eBay, is a whole different question, of course (not that I'm saying you did that)!
  14. I think that they are just being a complainer and wanting something for nothing. You did fine.

    A prime example of this is the Louis Vuitton miroir speedy handbags. Most sellers would love to get $4000 and state that as the price of the bag because they DO occasionally sell for that one ebay. Retail was $1380. It is up to the buyer to do her own research.
    I say she is too much trouble to bother with and you should just file a thing with ebay to get your auction fees back and relist. You don't HAVE to state the retail price. I hate it when bidders do this. Sorry it's happening to you!
    Especially since the auction closed for less than retail price!
  15. i don't think you did anything wrong and i wouldn't offer free shipping