Am I worthy of my Spy?

  1. I am kidding. Sort of.

    I've been a bag hound for the past eight years. I have a number of bags I've acquired - from great designers - Louis, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga...but I got my first Spy today and I am totally in love.

    There is something just so faboo about this bag...I hope I can carry it off.

    She's just so pretty!

    Anyone ever felt this way?

    Just me? :nuts:
  2. OOh congrats! Which color/kind did you get? I never felt that way about my spy but I did about my first versace..I liked it and it was me on the inside but not who I present myself as on the outside. I was worried if I could work it or not..what to wear etc. I brought it with me on my trip to Europe earlier this year but haven't used it much in my own country, just sits in its dustbag but its too unique to sell!
  3. You have to post pis of your new spy!

    The bag is so fabulous, I would hate feeling like I need to dress up for my bag. LOL I wonder how sweats and the spy work haha?!?
  4. I think the Spy goes with anything, it dresses up a plain outfit and goes well with work clothes and also looks great with evening clothes.

    A great all round bag IMO!!

    PLEASE do post pics of your new Spy. We all love to drooool
  5. Spy bags are DIVINE!
  6. I felt that way to! I own LV and dior and stuff but the spy! it was different in a good way!
  7. I'll post some pics of her when I get home from work tonight! She is just lovely.

    I carried her with me all around the house last night. My FI thinks I am insane. ;)

    I posted a few in the authenticate this thread as I got her from Jomashop...and she's authentic and lovely...I will post some pics when I get home today!

    She's the grey spy, but really, I'd say she's more of a liver or taupe-y color? maybe? She's GORG-IE!!!

    We'll see how I feel when I'm carrying her around this weekend in jeans!
  8. oh, congrats! i :heart: spys.
  9. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing pics soon!
  10. Congrats! I have some other fab bags, too, but I've just been hooked on my spy and using it non-stop! Can't wait to see your pics. :smile:
  11. ahhh you are completely worthy of her lol, but I know what you mean. The first few carrys, they just feel so very precious. Just try to relax and enjoy using your fab new bag!!! ;)

    The grey spy is in my collection of Spies too, and yes, indeed, she is more taupe-y than grey. But what a lovely color! You'll find that she changes colors in different light, just like the lovely blueberry Spy.

    Enjoy her! She is fabo!
  13. Ooooo congrats, I bet you'll look fab with your spy.