Am I weird that I don't want to share my clothing?

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  1. I just wanted others opinion. I have a problem sharing my clothing with my good friend. Most of my tops are around the $100-200 range and I take really good care of everything I own. My friend doesn't take good care of clothing or bags. She is always asking to borrow my things. To be honest I feel very greedy not sharing with her and even making this a post. I just want others input.

  2. nope I dont like doing it either. My cousin likes borrowing my sunglasses and for the price I pay he almost lost a pair and lied about it....that tells you to never lend things.
  3. I'm the same way.
  4. If I have a guest over and she needs an extra layer or gets caught in the rain or some such, then I will give her something. But I don't see the need for people to be passing their clothes around otherwise. It also mystifies me when girls share shoes. Icky.
  5. I'm so happy to hear i'm not the only one.
  6. I don't like sharing my things, they are yours and if you don't feel comfortable sharing then dont!
  7. There are some friends that seem to never give borrowed belongings back too! I hate that and sometimes even forget they've borrowed something, and once I remember- it's long gone.
  8. Hey chris, I share the same sentiments. I don't like other people borrowing my clothes and I make a point not to borrow from others either. That way, I can prevent cringing when I see my stuff not being taken care of. One time I lend a close friend a LV shawl because she said it matches with her dress and it came back with a hole in it...

    If I have a guest staying over and she needs a jacket or t-shirt, I will provide something, but never my prized possessions.
  9. It is perfectly normal you not wanting to lend your clothes. Why would you anyway? If a friend needs a Tshirt for a sleepover or a sweater because she's cold, that's fine, I have a few spare clothes. Otherwise it's rude to keep asking for clothes.
  10. i'm the same way with my designer items. Since I pay a premium for it and the only person that I know will take care of it as well as I do is myself. And even if something happens to it, I would rather know that it was because of me, if that makes sense. Probably the only other people I would loan out my designer items to is my sister and my bffs (but they don't ask..since i think we all agree that it's a little weird to be asking to borrow designer items). For my friends I don't mind lending out my regular clothes that's like $50-150 dollars..but anything over $500 then i cringe.
  11. i don't like to share my clothing either. i take good care of my clothes, shoes, bags, etc. & i know my friends well enough to know that they wouldn't be so careful. the only things i'll loan out are sweat pants & pajamas!
  12. I hate letting people borrow my clothes, especially when they refuse to understand why I dislike it. It's not that all my clothes are even that expensive, I just don't like the idea of other people wearing my stuff. I'll only share with my BFF, and I don't even do it that much.
  13. No you're not weird. I don't like sharing clothes with anyone either. Unless my friend is cold or it's raining then I'll lend her a sweater or something. I don't even like letting my sister borrow my designer items, because she simply wants to borrow them to show off at my expense, and second she once snapped at me for always borrowing her clothes when I was a teen, so now I'm not lending to revenge. :P
  14. No, you are not weird. My great grandmother was like that she didn't want nobody wearing her clothes so much so her sisters used to sneak and wear some of her clothes behind her back.

    I'm like that too, because sometimes you loan something out and it doesn't get returned or it doesn't get returned the way you gave it to them, and than you will have to ask someone to replace it. I just rather avoid the whole situation by not loaning out.
  15. I always share my clothes and handbags with my friends, but she actually treats my stuff better than I. I don't think there is any really good way to get around not lending out your stuff to a really good friend. Unless you just tell her that you really don't want to lend things out anymore. Sorry I couldn't be anymore helpful.