Am I totally wacko? lol

  1. OMG!! I am so addicted to Chanel jewelry it's sad. I just added up what I spent in Chanel accesories in the past month , I could of gotten a great bag with a matching wallet. I keep buying the jewelry and putting off the bags I want , thinking they are so expensive but When I see that these little 300 and 400 are adding up quickly I feel sick, I need to just stop ordering small things and get my bags!!! Anyone here do what I do or am I insane??:nuts: lol
  2. I have been buying accessories lately too- they are VERY addictive! I got a bangle last weekend and now I already want like 3 more lol! At $350+ tax that can definitely add up!
  3. I iwsh I was more into the jewelry! I can't really buy costume jewelry, weird mental block I should try and overcome. .
    UNLESS, someone were to wave that cute heart ring in front of me!
  4. I love Chanel costume jewlery, it's always so cute. I can never resist!!!! But I still buy the bags too.
  5. Chanels are like doritos...cant have just one..ROFLMAO
  6. i just got another belt.and some new earings from act 2. next i will get my expandable.......after i see Jill's bag. hehe
  7. :smile: good thing i am not into it all for my future bags...
  8. okay, I'd LOVE to have a belt, or 10!
  9. Im lately into Chanel jewellery too.. usually it was no more than earrings.. now im eyeing necklaces, bangles, bracelets.......... wonder whatsup with me too. :shrugs:
  10. lucky me! i can't buy any chanel jewelry. I don't have pierced ear and their rings are too big for me.:yahoo:
  11. It's funny , girls at work ask me where I get my jewelry and stuff, they wanna know if they are knock offs and where they can get them cheap. I feel ashamed and never tell them how much I spent. I just laugh and smile when they ask if I got it from a street vendor.