Am I too thin?


Am I too thin?

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  1. I just had an idea to post a pic of myself to get your opinions.

    I used to suffer an eating disorder and confided in my mum (I'm Australian) to get myself get out of it.

    I went to therapy for a while and am now recovered.

    However, whenever I go and see my mum she gives me clipping of articles from magazines about eating disorders.

    I keep telling her that I am well, but she wont believe me.

    My current height is 165cm (5'4) and weigh about 50kg (110lbs).

    So I ask you, from my pictures, do I appear thin as my mum says, or normal and healthy like I keep telling her?

    PS - you can see my new sable chloe paddington in the pic! Yay for chloe!
    mypic.jpg mypic2.jpg
  2. what's 'too thin', ya know? if you're healthy, and you're happy with the way you look, you're not too thin.

    if your health is suffering and/or you're unhappy with how slim you look, then you are. that's my take on it.

    sometimes you cant tell from pics alone if someone is technically too thin to be healthy. and pics dont represent looks accurately either.

    having said that though, looking at your pic, i think you look just fine. definitely slim, but not OMG SHES GONNA BREAK IN HALF IN A SEC you look good!
  3. ^^^ Thats what I thought too! I think I'm healthy and I feel fine. But then I know some people have body-dysmorphia so I just wanted to make sure I didnt.
  4. I think this thread may be closed, it's not really apropriate, especially considering your background.

    I'm happy to learn that you beat an eating disorder, maybe your mum is afraid that you will have backlashes or something? I think you look totally fine in your picture. Be happy!
  5. I think you should talk to your mom about it. You came to her before, so if you really felt that you had a problem, you'd come to her again. She doesn't need to give you reminders to be healthy. Perhaps have your Dr talk to her too. Reassure her that you're doing well and not to worry.
  6. bellacherie, I think you look fantastic. It's impossible to say whether or not someone is too thin or too heavy based solely on numbers, because everyone's body is different. However, you look great in your photos so I think your weight is right on. :yes:

    Remember, we will be our mom's babies forever. She is just concerned about you because she knows about your past struggles. Like Charles said, reassure her that you are doing well and happy with yourself. Let her know that you appreciate her concern but that there is no need to worry. And, I applaud you on your recovery. Keep up the good work! :yes:
  7. I am going to close this thread, my apologies to the OP.

    Please talk to your mom or doctor to figure these kinds of questions out- we can not fully help you with this :yes:
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