Am I Too Tall?

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  1. I'm expecting and due any day now and already own a Gucci diaper bag from having my previous children.

    However I made the mistake of filling up the baby bag with my stuff also and the bag became difficult to carry as well as find my wallet etc.

    Therefore I was considering a cross body bag and was wondering if the mini city bag would suit me. I'm 5ft 9 and quite slim ( well pre pregnancy but that can of course change post baby lol).

    Also do any ladies have any pics of themselves wearing the bag as I'm yet to see it in real life.

    Many Thanks
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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
    I don't have the Mini City, but I do have a Hip which I believe is just as small if not smaller. I am also 5' 9" and slender, I think it looks fine! The Velo actually looks the best on me, or the Day, but I have a few styles and love them all. The Toolkit is another cross body, small-ish option.

    Here is a pic of the Toolkit on (I was actually newly pregnant in this pic):

    Here is a link to the stats on its size for comparison: