1. Hello gals. I am 5'3'' tall, and weight around 100 pounds. Am I too petite, short for a city? I kinda like how the city looks, more than the smaller classique one. thanks! :shame:
  2. Heck no! I am a runt too, 5'5" , and I think the city is the perfect size!
  3. i don't think you're too short for it didi78, although i found it to be too heavy for my liking (i'm 5'2 & petite) :smile:
  4. Wimp.:P

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. i know, i know & i really :heart: how the city looks...but i admit it, i'm a wimp when it comes to heavy stuff :rolleyes:
  6. That's ok we still love ya!!
  7. No you are definitely not too short or petite for the city. I'm about the same height and wieght as you and I think it looks jsut fine when I carry my city. Actually I'm even shorter 5'2.
  8. hehehe, i'm JUST 5'1 hehehehe!! and ive got a city! i love my city!!! check out my pics on the "wearing your b-bag thread" to get an idea of sizes.... hehehe, my first looks like a city! hehehehe!!!
  9. thanks Irishgal, right back at ya :heart: x:heart: x:heart: x:heart:
  10. how about a TWIGGY? do you think that's more suitable for my height? thanks everyone!!!!!!!!
  11. oooooooooooooooh, the twiggy was my 1st b-bag love & my 1st b-bag purchase...i've got one in black & it's gorgeous :yes:
  12. I'm 5'2" and didn't think the City looked too big on me at all. Here's a pic:

  13. I'm 5'1" and I loooooooooooove the city :yes:
  14. Oh no, not too short at all. The city looks perfect on any and every size:yes: :biggrin: