am i too picky?

  1. well i thought about this topic last night.
    i do get offered some bags and even some girls from here keep their eyes open but there is nothing i can to than decline them. :crybaby: you know i have these things in mind that i like (for example black croc only with palladium or fuschia with palladium or rouge h only with gold or threads only in that colour etc.) am i dumb for letting all these bags go maybe i ´ll regret it later? or maybe they will grow on me? i mean the overall effect is nice it is always these small details mabe noone else will notice ? :girlsigh: am i the only one? or am i just narrow minded nd completely insane for letting bags go ? [​IMG] i also feel so sad for the girl that do look out for me and all the time it is a no they mabe think i am a freak and fool them ? :crybaby: :sad:
  2. Lilach, my SA's complain that I am very picky, too, so you're in good company. I always say go with what makes your heart sing! If you have any reservations at all, it's probably best to decline!
  3. lilach, at these prices, one can ONLY be picky. :smile: Since you are able to special order, I say accept only what makes your heart sing, dance, do somersalults - whatever!!
    I'd rather you take slightly longer to acquire the bags you truly want, and which you'll be proud of, than a bunch of bags you have just because they were made available to you.
    You have exquisite taste and your sense of what is best for you should never be doubted.
  4. Lilach.....considering the amount of money these bags are, you should have only the exact bag you want and nothing less. Would you be happy using these bags if the details bother you? No.

    I know what it's like to be into's the details that elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. So....the details are vital. You have excellent not settle!
  5. Well said Shopmom! Could not agree with you more!
  6. Amen! Sometimes when things are even a little off, it can seem like a schlocky ongepotchket to you.
    (for non-yiddish speakers that is a unesthetically looking item)
  7. Do you think that SA's get "attitudes" when you are picky and are less likely to warn you about new bags coming in?

    Anyway, on the one hand when you are spending this much money, you should have what your heart desires...but then for some people, because it is so difficult to get birkins in their neck of the woods, they would probably do better to be a bit more open to what comes their way.

    lilach, you are lucky enough to special order, so you can BE picky. Women who can't special order or who can't even get on a waitlist should start out being less picky. NOw mind you, I don't mean take a 40cm birkin just because its there and in reality its entirely too big or pick a color that you ABHOR because its there. But for those women, they can't afford to necessarily be picky about color of thread, or TOO specific about color. I think they should have several choices for colors in mind that they would take.
  8. Agree with everybody! Lilach, you seem like a woman who knows what she wants (particularly with respect to Hermes), and it seems to me you wouldn't be happy if you settle for anything less than what you want... :yes: :yes:
  9. I think that since you have pre-conceptions of which bags you would like (leather/hardware/stitching) I think that you will not be happy if you don't get exactly what you like. Stick to your feelings and it is all worth it in the end.

    Needless to say, I have to add that I'm glad that I bought my black Birkin with gold hardware. In the beginning, I always thought of palladium with black. But now, I'm so happy with my Birkin. I do see black ones with palladium hardware on the streets nowadays but I love mine more. I think I would have seriously regretted it if I didn't buy it!
  10. Love it!!:flowers:
  11. And I think that would be the case in many situations if some people would be more open. Sometimes the very thing you didn't think would be all that great turns out to be so wonderful you are ecstatic that you didn't turn it away.
  12. i agree w/ all the previous posts. lilach, there's nothing wrong w/ being picky. you should be in love w/ the bags before buying them. when i first started collecting, i was very specific as to my preferred color, hardware, size & skin combos. and turning down other bags that arrive during the regular shipments because they don't meet your preferred specs is only natural. this action does not & should not mif the SAs whatsoever - especially if they already know beforehand that what they're offering is not part of your wishlist. if anything, i like to believe that their offers are just made out of politeness. and in return, your gracious declines are an indicator of your exquisite taste. so no, don't feel bad. stick to SO.
  13. No, not too picky. I'm that way as well. If there's even one thing out of the entire criteria that didn't fit, it will bother me to death and I know I'll never be able to take it. My SA has also said that it's pretty much next to impossible to find what I'm looking for since I don't like the conventional stuff or popular sizes and combinations. You're definitely NOT alone.

    Actually, if anything I think I'm probably the worst ... I request my stuff to be totally brand-new and never a store return ... I prefer them to still be in vacuum seal, which DOES make my chances next to impossible. So nope, you're not alone and you're not too picky. The bottom line is, YOU are paying for it. Your SA's job is to try to locate the bags for you but at the end it's really you who have the say.

    *I'm just popping in real quick to check on the threads and mails, probably has to go back offline soon as folks are still here
  14. In my case, sometimes they do. I know that I can see their faces fall and their attitude change as soon as I decline something. That's usually my queue to graciously leave the store (or thank them and say bye on the phone) and not come back (or call back) for a month or so.

    I can't really do any SO or be put on a list (due to my preference in exotics and I'm told that exotics is a whole separate list in itself) and since I'm picky, I've kind of killed off my chances of getting anything ... That's why in the past the ostrich Kelly I got had been a complete surprise - I think someone passed on it and it landed on the shelf, I just happened to be there at the right time

  15. They won't let you do a SO? Really?

    And I didn't know that you couldn't get on a waiting list for exotics. I guess it makes sense...I just had never thought about that.