Am I too picky about CS? because I think this is RIDICULOUS (Tobi)

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Warning: ranting and raving follows.

    There was a thread recently about customer service tanking in the new economy, and I'm starting to think online CS really has. Retailers are cutting corners, and people are grumpy, or else I'm just way too grumpy, because I have been having a lot of run-ins with CS lately. I'm even a little unhappy with Shopbop, so you TPFers tell me if I'm losing my marbles or not . ..

    (Edited for length, believe it or not)

    TOBI - I placed an order on Black Friday and sent a return, long and short, my card was finally credited back a week ago, case closed. All in all I considered this a pleasant transaction up until yesterday.

    Two days ago I get an email saying my exchange could not be processed because my card was declined. What exchange? Yesterday, I get an email from a different SA and oops! there was no exchange, BUT, they over-refunded me and want the difference back. Well, okay. If they had just explained this respectfully and asked me to help them out, I would have called on the spot, but instead, here is her explanation (emphasis mine)

    "we need to manually charge you again to get the difference back that is owed. We originally charged you $$, then refunded you $$ (30% off). When you sent back the blah for a return we then refund you $$ (because that was the original transaction), but we are owed the $$ that we had manually credited your card. When we tried to charge your card to get the $$ back, your card was declined. Please call us with your updated information as soon as possible so we can get this straightened out."

    No amount of closing smiley faces makes that email polite. They made a mistake, and the solution is to email me like a collector looking for a deadbeat? Nowhere is there an apology for the inconvenience or for the mistake. Actually, she doesn't seem to think there is a mistake. Is this Tobi policy?? If I hadn't lost and CANCELLED my card, I would have found this on my next bill, next month, and opened a nice PITA dispute.

    IMO, if you are really going for service, you should suck it up (it's about $50) and see that it doesn't happen again. In This Economy, I completely understand they can't afford to do that, and I'm not arguing that it's my money, although I'm not going to agree that I OWE them. But their way of handling it is seriously sketchy to me.

    Would you gals also be offended, or does anyone think this is acceptable? And out of curiosity, in this situation do they actually have a legal right to charge or otherwise collect?? In the mood I was in last night, I was ready to match and donate their $$ and have a card sent to the CS rep.
  2. personally, i think just because they made a mistake doesnt mean u should have a freebee. just the mere fact that you returned an item to them = a loss. i dont think its fair to ask them to take an even further loss. that being said, maybe there couldve been a better way to ask for it.
  3. personally, i would not only be annoyed with them, but in no way would i even feel like the money they gave me by accident should be returned to them. it was their mistake, and if they wanted to keep me as a customer they should have at LEAST appologized in their email....
  4. i can see both sides of this... yea they made a mistake...... but they are owed their money.. however i do feel they could have called you or something and explained it to you better, or at least called you to let you know that they would be doing it.

    it would have been extremely nice of them to say "oops, our fault and our loss"
  5. I think it *is* fair for them to eat the cost for being so incompetent.
  6. i dont think a $50 billing error is "so incompetent"
  7. I would feel bad if the SA got in trouble for losing the money but she could have handled it better- it would have been polite and call you about the situation. A lot of things are miscontrued over email: we add our innotations and such. I feel your pain though as I have just gone through a huge problem with an online retailer- I had 3 people tell me my order had been cancelled and then a few days later received shipment confirmation. Today I rejected the delivery so we will see what happens. They were not that nice about the cancellation-- they kept speaking to me as though I were slow and in the end not one of them properly cancelled my order ( I called back so much because the e-mail confirming cancellation never arrived, and I'm a little nuts)
    Nordstroms made a mistake about a bag my friend ordered and she thought the order had failed, imagine her surprise when it arrived. She still called and paid for it though because despite all the hassle she didn't want anyone to get in trouble over it.
  8. IMO, the note isn't rude; it just isn't sweetened. I think a lot of people have gotten used to politically correct words and phrases to the point that they become more important than actions. If the note said, "sorry...please...thank you...have a nice day..." etc., it probably wouldn't have been deemed as offensive. And in no way do I think the company should "suck it up." Mistakes happen, and this was not a horrific mistake, IMO. Personally, there are situations that I would find way more potentially offensive than this one, so I wouldn't spend an iota of emotional energy on this one. That's just me.

    Sorry, please, thank you very much, and have a nice day! :P
  9. Honestly, I saw nothing wrong with the message. It was definitely terse and an apology (or a reference to the inconvenience for you) would have been nice especially since customers expect that nowadays. These things happen. It's annoying but I wouldn't be offended.
  10. there is nothing there to be offended about. everybody makes mistakes, just because it happened doesn't make it ridiculous... i'm sure we have all made mistakes in our respective jobs. i feel that people can be too quick to be offended by every little thing when it's not perfect by their standards or how they would have done or said it. i doubt she had the intention of offending, she was just trying to correct her mistake. just because she's in customer service, it doesn't make her infallible or "incompetent"... she's human
  11. Seems like a typical business type reply to me. I guess they could have been a bit more polite, but if I got that email, I wouldn't have thought twice about it, much less started a tread about it.
  12. I didn't see the email as offensive or rude like a collection notice would be, so I would just credit them back the difference. It wasn't your fault since it was their mistake, but maybe they're catching up on oodles of returns from black friday and Xmas. I'd give them a break since mathematical mistakes happen, or the wrong product code was punched in. The email isn't warm and fuzzy, but not a reason to not settle it up and it could be that particular rep's straight forward personality who's going through all the discrepancies. I don't see it as a big enough inconvenience to not comply. JMO
  13. I was wondering, how were they able to even credit a refund to a cancelled card yet their attempts to correct it a couple of days later didn't work? It seems like they would need the info to your new card originally and wondered if you confirmed the refund on your new card number.
  14. Well I am probably going to be booed out of this sub-forum.

    I totally understand "why she started a thread about this in the first place." She warned us that it was a rant. If we didn't want to read it, no one forced us.

    The way they went about it was totally wrong and it has nothing to do with being politically correct. She never once indicated that she would keep the money and she stated that it IS rightfully their money. However, THEY made a mistake so they should have notified her before trying to retrieve the money and apologized for the inconvenience. That isn't "good" CS, it's the very basic CS we should expect.

    She wasn't going to "not comply." They are just lucky the card was lost and cancelled. I can say that I would not have had a pleasant reaction to the resulting transaction showing up on my next statement when I hadn't even been notified of what happened.

    What gets me, though, is the way some people in here have a general lack of respect for each other. Other sub-forums aren't like this. Why does everyone have to be so rude?
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    I didn't say her choice was to not comply (actually she didn't say what she plans to do so she came here) but she is asking us if she should be offended and that they should suck it up because of a mistake, what she thinks is sketchy, and how the discrepancy is not owed to them. Maybe I'm interpreting it wrong. I don't know if they legally are or not, but I would just comply with the request of an update without thinking much of it if that had happened to ME and why. That's what I would do so I'm not sure what the quotations are about. It sounded like to me that the biggest beef was about the email and how offensive it was. We have different perspectives about this and don't see these posts as rude. Maybe that's why you feel differently about the email as most of the responses have been. Not rude, just direct. No one bashed her. Most members here just gave honest replies to agree or not.