Am I Too Old To Wear....

  1. I am 33, and saw these darling wool tartan shorts with the cuffed bottom (they are short shorts), and I think they would look great with black tights and tall black boots with a plain black top of some sort...but I am not sure if this look is too young for me....and thoughts????
  2. It doesn't depend on your age, it depends on your body and confidence.

    Victoria Beckham is only 32.... and thin as a stick...
  3. No body worries...I just don't want to look like I am trying to be a teenager!!! I have been seeing the shorts everywhere, but it always seems like they are on younger people.
  4. Perhaps you could wear them with something 'couture' like an imepecably tailored black top or a pair of sky-high black YSL wedges....that will give them the adult edge they need! :smile:
  5. Hi Anne! I am 38 and still wear short shorts with black tights etc

    Go for it!
  6. I say do it!!! I'm sure you'll look great.
  7. Actually I would say you are the perfect age to wear these. Tartan like seen in Balenciaga is more mature.
    I´m definitely seing the "city shorts" trend in women in their mid 20´s to mid 30´s.
    The teens are more into shorts for summer (Juicy,H&M, Roxy) type.
    But I know what you mean I also question myself when I´m shopping at Lafayette V.O which is openly targeted at "15-25" ,they said it themselves !
    But we know it´s not the age in numbers that´s what´s appropriate to the way you look.