Am I "too old" for this MbMJ bag?

  1. I'm 25. I know that isn't "old" but I am a teacher so sometimes I feel much older than I am since I am continually exposed to adolescents on a daily basis. :nuts: (I'm also a little nuts, but it's almost the end of the year! :yahoo:)

    I think the stars are so cute! My mom suggested getting it in black since the stars would be less obvious, but I think nickel is this bag's signature color!:love:

    I don't own any MbMJ handbags, is the quality as good as MJ? I love my collection pieces so much...will I feel like I'm taking a step down? (not being rude...just asking!!):jammin:

    And one more it worth the price tag? 458? Is MbMJ a good investment?

    I appreciate everyone's input, all opinions are welcome! Thanks girls!:flowers:

    (photos from Nordstrom and
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  2. I like the nickel one- 25 or being a teacher is not old
  3. Heavens no, you are not too old for that bag! I say that you should treat yourself to something that you obviously like and will make you feel good carrying it. I've seen this bag in person and it's really nice! Let everyone here know if you get it!!
  4. Thanks...I guess I just feel old sometimes... :rolleyes:
  5. Is it? Does the leather smell good? Is it comparable to MJ collection leather, it looks smoother?
  6. I personally don't like the stars, but between the two, the nickel one too!
    I've seen it in real life, but haven't actually touched it, nor do I have any MJ collection bags, so I can't really say.

    But I have a MbMJ Teri and the leather is the softest leather I've ever felt! The quality is definately great. I'd say it's a good investment!
  7. Gosh, I hope not! Because I'm 27 and a teacher (of college students so post-adolescents) and I would carry that bag in a heartbeat!
  8. I didn't fondle it, nor did I sniff it, but it sure was pretty sitting there in the Charlotte, NC Nordstrom store! I see that (free overnight shipping!) has this bag in a couple of colors right now, so, as someone older, I'd advise you to order one from them, then decide if you are in love with it. If not, Zappos will let you return it with no return shipping costs!
  9. I'm 26 and got the same type of bag in the the flower tote. Not too old at all!
  10. ^^I love the flower one too! It's so pretty in the red color!
  11. Well I'm happy the bag wasn't "fondled" :roflmfao:, and thanks for the tip about zappos! I just got some shoes from there, and they have great service!
  12. OK everyone...I've decided I'm not too old...

    and let me just apologize if I offended anyone by asking that question...that certainly wasn't my intention... :push:

    So, my question now is: Do you like it? Should I buy it? Silver or black?

    Thanks ladies...again sorry to those who were offended...:flowers:
  13. OK if you're too old for that bag ..then I'M 6 ft under already lol!!! That bag is perfect! Get it..sounds like you LOVE it!!
  14. GetItGetItGetItGetItGetIt
    Then, send it back if not 110% satisfied!

    (no peer pressure here, of course!)
  15. Well first off, I'm happy to know there are other teachers on this forum who love MJ bags!! I'm a teacher too!!

    Now as for the bag, I think it's super cute! I've heard that the leather on the MbMJ bags are super smooshy and really nice. I also think silver is the best color for this bag. I say go for it!!