Am I too old for this bag?

  1. It has a young look to me-though, I think it is cute-I am 41 and wear denim and nice shirts/tshirts mainly. In the summer I tend to wear skirts and summer dresses:

    Oh-and do you like it?
    bath handbag.jpg
  2. No, I don't think you'd look "too old" with this bag. I think it'll look alright.
  3. Cute bag - and no, I don't think you're too old to wear it.
  4. You're not too old to wear that bag! It's cute! Not my style though...
  5. Not at all! I love it :smile: Very cute :smile:
  6. Nice bag!
    I don't think you're too old for this.
  7. A few weeks ago while browsing the handbags at a department store....I saw two ladies in (I would guess) their 70s shopping together. They were having LOTS of fun picking out their bags and they were definitely interested in bags that I know a lot of people would judge too young for them. But they were having so much fun and loving their choices, that I thought to myself...THAT is how handbag shopping should be. Choose what makes YOU happy and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!'s a cute bag! Go for it!
  8. No your are NOT too old for that bag! Go for it if you love it!!
  9. I like it a lot! And, no, I don't think you're too old for it (of course, I'm 36 so I might be biased ;) ). Anyway, it looks like it would go well with your style of clothing, which sounds similar to mine, and could be used into the fall.
  10. I love it! I'm 37 and I'd definitely carry that bag!
  11. I hope not - because I have a brown bag with similar gold embellishment and I'm older than you!
  12. You are never to old to wear a bag you love. My sweet hubby just bought me a Dooney and bourke tote with multicolor stars all over it for Mothers Day and I love and wear it regaurdless of my age, 36.:biggrin: ;)
  13. No such thing as "too old" !
  14. Age is just a number...go for it!
  15. I do not think you are too old for this bag.