Am I Too Old for a Cambon Tote?

  1. I love the large Cambon totes in black with the black C's. My style is casual tailored. I am in my 40's and I know that this style is a favorite with the younger set. What do you think?
    I used to have a classic flap but I thought it was too structured so I sold it.
  2. i think it's wonderful for you. i just got mine in january and in may i'll be 43,:push: so i def don't think you are too old for it!:p it's all about what makes you happy! get it and enjoy it!
  3. IMO, I defintitely wouldn't be worried about it. If you like it, get it.
  4. Thanks for your advice. I keep coming back to this style, and my pulse quickens when I see one. I guess that's a clue that it's right for me!
  5. :yes:
  6. No way!! I just picked up mine (black w/white cc's)last month and I'll be 43 this year. Have a blast looking great!!!! :yes:
  7. You may be too old for overalls, pigtails and lacey fold-over socks, but you are never too old for a Chanel!
  8. I think it's a fabulous casual tote for any age. I'm 54 and absolutely love this bag. I have the cambon flap tote. Get what you love and you will wear it well.
  9. its a perfect bag for any age! you should get it and enjoy it................its classic with an "edge" :p

    i'm around Lib's age and i have a baby animal flap!!!!!!!! Chanel is timeless............
  10. I got mine last year, I'm 32 and plan on still wearing that beauty when I'm 83!
  11. I say go for it and enjoy!
  12. Are you too old???!!! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go all out and get the things you want in life and have fun :yahoo:
  13. You are never to old for Chanel-especially a cambon
  14. I am 40+ and have the pink cambon med tote and it is now my favorite bag (non winter). I love it.
  15. Honey, you can never be too old for a Chanel. I am gonna be 48 this year. Chanel is classic and ageless, go for it!:heart: