Am I too late?? Waitlist

  1. I own 7 pieces of LV but I've never actually bought from the store. I do a lot of ebay. So anyways I finally took the plunge in calling 1-866-VUITTON because I am just dying to have the silver pouchette, silver miroir speedy (never owned a speedy before), red groom bandeau, red groom agenda, and the porte ronde. They took down my credit card and just told me when the items are coming out (groom: October, miroir: December).

    They didn't tell me anything about what place I was in line for these items and they just took me down. Am I too late for these items (omg that sounds shocking especially when its just September and the miroir items are coming in December but I know they are popular)??
  2. No, your not late at all, sometimes the date is pushed back for whatever reason. When the bags are available, they'll most likely just send it out.