Am I too late to get baby cabas? or spend on the metallic black reissue?

  1. :sweatdrop: Actually I really love both...but my DH only allows me to choose either one..what do you all think? I love the fact that baby cabas being durable/versatile/chic at the same time, but metallic black reissue is fall season item and it is so classic and chic that I dont wanna miss in my collection...
    Can you please help me out of this???:confused1:
  2. My vote is for the metallic black reissue :nuts:
  3. depends on what kind of shape you like. i adore the reissue shape and have enough slouchy hobo type purses, so i'm going for the reissue, myself. this was my exact dilemma!
  4. I would choose the Cabas
  5. Thanks to all of your comments!! ...if ...what about dark silver 227 vs cabas??
  6. I am actually having the same dilemma...I just got my dark silver reissue in 226 and am waiting for the khaki baby cabas to come in. I was perplexed b/c I didn't think I should get 2 metallic bags. But now that I have the dark silver I see that it is totally different from the cabas even if the khaki cabas is supposed to be bronzy (hence metallic). The cabas will be the workhorse while the reissue is more or less a "special occasion" bag. But I've been reading other posts and people are wearing the metallic reissue as a casual bag as well. Hum, I guess I'm not helping you much bc I'm still wrestling with this decision myself! Which color in the cabas are you thinking about?

    I haven't seen the 227 size but to me the 226 is just right.
  7. well i dont think its too late for you to get a baby cabas, really. they are coming in soon and the fellow tPFers are really good about posting when they see them. i have the baby and i love her to death! it's the best bag ever!
    but i'm getting my metallic black 226 today so i'm not really being of much help i guess! :p
  8. Metallic Black! I have it a 226 and love her to death!! I used to have a baby cabas but sold it because it didn't do much for me. But you know, it's all a matter of personal preference because some people think the reissue doesn't fit their lifestyle since it doesn't hold so much.
  9. That's a difficult one! You would use the Cabas everyday. It's huge and very durable. The Reissue is very beautiful, but more fragile and holds less. I save mine for special events.

    This is kind of an apples and oranges type thing.

    I love them both, by the way! :heart:
  10. I agree. They're not very comparable. If you'd rather have a daily use bag, I suggest the cabas.

    If you would rather have a gorgeous bag that you can whip out for those nights out on the town, then get the re-issue.

    Both are GREAT choices though, so I think you'll be happy either way. :tup:
  11. thanks all for your advice..I think I'll still go for my cabas and reissue later..I have 3 chanels and they are all flaps..its a cabas time now..hehe...
    thanks all again!!
  12. I really love the cabas!! Its so chic, functional and goes with EVERYTHING!!!!
  13. Thanks!! have a fabulous collection too!! are you from Melbourne? I'm back from Melb too...hehe
  14. If you already have 3 flaps, I would say go for the cabas. Good choice!
  15. I say metallic black reissue! :smile: