Am I too late on the EDITH ???


Should I buy an EDITH at this point?

  1. Buy it! It's a classic and a keeper.

  2. You've missed the boat on this hot bag. Look for something else.

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  1. Ladies, I've always admired the Edith. But I never got around to buying one when they first came out. Now I'm thinking about getting one, in Chocolate. (And you don't need to convince me that it's a great bag.)

    But I would really like to hear honest and frank opinions about whether PFers think that the Edith is a classic that is still worth getting at this point, or whether it will look dated soon and perhaps I should consider something else. After all, there are a lot of other lovely brown bags out this fall as well...

    Thanks for your input. ;)
  2. I think it is definitely a classic shape and works as a every day work bag, as well as a weekend bag. It will look professional at the office, but also looks funky with jeans.

    I love Edith!
  3. If You Love It, Get It! Its A Great Shape And It Looks Better The More You Wear It.
  4. It's a definite classic shape and goes with so many styles, but it all depends on why you're buying it. If you're buying it as an "IT" bag, it's definitely long past its day. If you're looking for a bag that will always look stylish and is timeless, this bag is it, far more than the majority of the bags out there.
  5. I agree with the others: Edith is timeless and classic, but no longer "IT".

    It's a lovely lovely bag and I am starting to want one my ownself :smile:

    Plus, there are many Edith shapes, so maybe you could choose a newer
    incarnation for a fresher feel??
  6. :true: hmwe is right, it is very classic and chic but not longer a an "IT" item. If you love it, you should get it and not worry about how trendy it is. Personally I think it's a beautiful bag! :love:
  7. Edith is definitely a classic in my book! If you love it, go for it!
  8. Most of you are saying what I was hoping to hear--that the Edith is relatively classic and timeless compared to some other past "it" bags that have come and gone pretty quickly, and then looked really dated.

    I keep thinking of a couple of Luella Giselle bags that I bought about four years ago, I guess, when they were a hugely popular "it" bag and even heralded as "this generation's Birkin." Well, in my opinion anyway, those Luella bags had a really short shelf life! Many PFers have gotten rid of their's, and I rarely see them around anymore. (I certainly fell out of love with mine, and I sold them.)

    Thanks to everyone for offering your opinions and advice.
  9. I love my Edith and it makes a great and classic work/university bag. I don't think it's a trendy bag because of the classic shape and leather.
  10. I remember when the Luella bags were going for more than retail on ebay :lol: :upsidedown: You are right though, now they are totally "out" :shrugs:
  11. It's on the way to becoming a classic. Buy it!
  12. Gee - I agree about the Edith being classic, even if it's not "it" anymore - I have one in whiskey and love her! But...I also have a Luella - not one of the "usual" ones - mine is chocolate suede and leather - and I bought it because I loved it - not because it was "it". I feel similarly about my Mulberry bags and my Marc Jacob bags - and my LVs! I feel more comfortable about spending a lot of money on these bags if I feel they have "legs"! ;)
  13. I love the Edith and thinking of getting one myself. Very classy looking.