am i too late in catching the coffer bug?

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  1. I know the coffer has been out for at least 2 years. But suddenly i get the urge to find the dark brown leather coffer! :love: Is this colour still available???

    Does anyone know where i can get my hands on a dark brown coffer??;) Thanks for the help!!
  2. there's a brown coffer on eBay by a valuable tPFer... it's in super excellent condition and at a good price... and of course, authentic.

    i'm not sure if ok to give link, but search for chocolate coffer. you can pm me for link if you want.
  3. thanks! i'll look for it right now! but does anyone know if I could get my hands on a new chocolate coffer??
  4. i just saw the coffer on ebay. I was hoping for a darker brown than that~! I think it did come in that colour right?
  5. The one being sold by the tPFer is in excellent condition if I might say so. I've seen bags being sold at the department stores looking more used than that. But if you're hankering for a new one, this is the same exact bag:

    Hmmm... as for the color... I don't know, maybe Miu2 can chime in... but aside from this brown and the scamosciato (suede) version, I don't think Miu Miu came out with a darker brown in a coffer - well at least I've not seen one in the local department stores or online stores I've visited - unless you count the prugna version (which is the plum colored one), which looks dark brown under certain lighting. Here's a pic of one:
  6. You're definitely not too late! From what I read on the forums, the coffer is surely still very much in style and demand!

    I just caught the bug too and am dying for the one in black! =D
  7. ^yup, you can walk in most major department stores and you're bound to see 1 or 2 coffers - selection is not that good and usually in the current colors: ivory, soia, pink, prugna and perhaps black. I haven't seen a dark brown IRL as of yet.

    Be careful of the light-colored coffers if you decide on one... check it from top to bottom because many of them are already showing wear even though they are brand new. Before I found and returned my soia coffer, a SA at the Saks in SCP showed me a soia from the back, the handles were still wrapped up but the metal had already darkened the leather by the (strap) rings.

    Good luck!
  8. thanks marose28 for ur detailed advice!! Unfortunately in Australia, miu miu are not easily found. Only certain small boutiques here carry SOME of their bags! I will keep a lookout for one!

    Why doesnt Australia open a miu miu store?

    The coffer in net-a-porter has been sold out.:crybaby: the only one left is the one in distressed grey.
  9. malsrm... sorry I didn't check where you were at. BUT, the brown coffer at net-a-porter IS available. I just added it to my cart right now and went to checkout (didn't confirm purchase of course)... but it worked. Try again?
  10. I think i know why. 'Cos the net-a-porter site you see is the US one, whereas the one I use is the one that ships from UK. I see theres so many more selections on the US website!

    I wonder if they can ship to Australia from the US? Orders sent to Australia is usually shipped from UK for net-a-porter.
  11. I really want a pink coffer in original size, but ebay only has medium size. Don't know where to find it :crybaby:
  12. Malsrm - the one on ebay is the darkest brown coffer they make, unless you are looking for the suede. Like Marose said - the only other color that resembles a very dark brown would be the prugna (plum) and even that one still has a plum hue to it.

    The one on ebay is the exact same as the one on NAP and for quite a bit less. Personally, I would purchase the one from ebay as I know for fact that the seller takes extremely good care of her bags!!
  13. I have the brown Coffer and I'm very happy with the color! It's very deep and warm and it wears really well. Good luck!
  14. It's definitely not too late! I just bought the classic soft Black one today from the Miu Miu store in NY. The current black in most stores is Distressed and I wanted the softer leather one that was probably from 2 seasons ago. The Miu miu store says they pretty much always stock the classic colors. Maybe Brown is one of those. Definitely call them (you can go to and click on the stores link) and choose which country you want to call. Of course, you will pay full price, so ebay may be cheaper.
  15. thanks for all your advice! I know it is a huge waste to give up on the authentic brown coffer on ebay right now! I know its such a good deal. But after much consideration, I think will continue saving up for it! :hysteric: The feeling of being broke all these months after my chanel purchases sucks... Hopefully another good deal will come along in a few months' time!