Am I too late for the sale?

  1. I just decided to purchase a new Gucci bag after being mainly a Louis Vuitton purchaser. Am I too late to get the large brown Biba on sale? Is there a 1-800 customer rep that I can talk to ? Thanks for any help.
  2. I think the only way you will find that bag is if you get lucky and one of the outlets get one. Or either NM or Saks. But I wouldn't think your chances are very good. But you never know.If you really want it that bad I would just start calling EVERY Gucci, NM or Saks.

    Good Luck
  3. These sold pretty quickly during the sale, so I think most places are have sold out of them. As beljwl said, try calling different stores, maybe you will get lucky and find one.
  4. I'd suggest you to try those places that take returns, since Gucci boutique doesn't take returns. Gucci site, then NM and Saks.
  5. my SA told me last weekend they were sold out across the country..................I wanted one too.