Am I too late for a 09Cruise Red Caviar Jumbo w/ Gold HW?

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  1. Hi gals,

    I've passed my red jumbo caviar with silver hw and gave my "slot" to another lovely tPFer.

    Now, after so many weeks of thinking and seeing beautiful pics here, I want this red jumbo caviar with gold hw. Do you know where I can still get hold of this? Or where I can get waitlisted? And the most important question of all, are any of the dept stores or boutiques still getting the gold hw? I heard that the re-order batch is only for silver hardware. Anyone pleeeeeaaaaaassse?

  2. ^ Maybe I'm tooooo late??:crybaby::crybaby: Should I just settle for the silver HW? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Babe I will email my SA and let you know if he still has one kay. :smile: Hopefully he does!
  4. Hi madaddie, thanks so much for your help! :heart: BTW, is your SA from the boutique or dept stores? I've already tried Nordies and several Chanel boutiques in NY, Hawaii & Houston, but no luck so far for the gold hw. :sad:

  5. MIA! clear your mail box .. LOL
  6. is there any cruise red with shw jumbos or med left,and will they ship to uk?,a lot of us stores dont ?