am i too greedy?! bought two 50% off shrugs from Shirise!

  1. Thank you Chigirl for telling us about the amazing 50% sale at shirise right now. I set my alarm this morning for 7:25 a.m. (I live in Cali), called shirise, spoke to Debbie (who is awesome by the way), and am now the proud owner of not 1 BUT 2 shrugs! I couldn't decide which color to get, so I thought, "what the heck", and got it in both the Ink and Cornflower Blue. :love: At least I think it's Ink and Cornflower Blue, cause Debbie described them as "well, one is this rich dark purplely color, while the other one is like a beautiful medium blue." I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep both of them or not (a high chance that I will), but I wanted to be able to choose the colors in person.

    I am soooo darned excited. Guess I'm a hobo kinda girl cause the only B bag I own is the day bag in sky blue, and now I have 2 hobo-ish shrugs to add to my collection! CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM! :graucho: MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.
  2. oh, in case it wasn't made clear before....THANK YOU CHIGIRL!!!!!!!
  3. congrats! i am guessing that they are final sale. might as well keep both anyway as you got two for the price of one!

    everyone there is really nice. as i said, i had shopped there before but didn't realize that the family that owns it went to HS with me. i guess my point is that it is nice to buy stuff from smaller places too. i like the big department stores but lately have been gravitating more to boutiques.
  4. btw chigirl i saw that pix of you carrying your shrug and it looks amazing on you! we are about the same height and weight so i'm so excited!

    the only complaint i have of shirise is that they charged me almost $45 for shipping (plus insurance)! YICKS!
  5. if you are my size, then it'll be perfect.

    i think last month they had lower shippping because they had just launched their website and had a promo though i am not sure. so they are charging $28 shipping per bag not per shipment?
  6. Congrats to you! I bet you will keep both!
  7. i dunno how they charge the shipping, but mine sounds like alot huh?! i assume is $28 plus insurance, but does that end up at $45?
  8. THANK YOU!!!! :graucho: i am still on my adrenaline rush!
  9. ohohoh 50% off? I would be greedy too :biggrin: :roflmfao: CONGRATS didi78!!!! Love cornflower & ink!!!
  10. I bought two also.
    I was only charged $19.00 s/h for BOTH of my bags.
  11. wow, i wonder why they charged our PF gals different shipping fees (?)
  12. wwwwwooooooooohooooooooo!!! what a score!!! i think you got the best colours!!!! cant wait to see pics... congrats!!!
  13. yah, I dunno why either. I wasnt charged sales tax, obv not, b.c i dont live in IL. I was helped by gayle..lovely women.
  14. Yea, I am very unhappy about the different shipping rates. I just called Debbie and left her a voice mail..too bad she won't be in until Tuesday. I'm going to use all of my powers as a purse forum member to convince her to refund me about $25. That's alot!

    PGURL, is insurance included in the $19 you paid for shipping?
  15. Yea, cornflower and ink are my favorite colors too! Now I'm just paranoid that they aren't ink or cornflower, cause Debbi didn't know the names for the colors, she just described them to me. Well, I'm crossing my fingers.......