Am I too big for a Speedy 30?

  1. The question is rhetorical, lol. I am 6 ft tall, and a big boned girl, and I am seriously considering sending the Speedy 30 I bought on Elux back and exchanging it for a Speedy 35. The 30 holds everything I need, but after seeing that so many shorter girls look good with a 30 in proportion to their size, I think I might be better off with a 35. I don't want to dwarf my handbag!

    What do you think? I know the pics are blurry (this is my old dig cam I use as a webcam too, I was too lazy to set up my newer Dig cam on the PC), but you can see the proportions and the size of the 30 relative to my size.

    P.S. I only look so scruffy because I am sitting at home in my baggy, comfy clothes, lol.
    speedy1.jpg Speedy2.jpg Speedy3.jpg
  2. I think you look great with the 30! However, if you think you need more room inside the bag to carry your stuff, then go for the 35.
  3. go for the 35
  4. I agree - you look great with the 30, but you could also do the 35, if you like that size better.
  5. You're not dwarfing it, so if it has room for the stuff you carry around, I say keep it! :smile: I'm also a big boned girl sporting a 30 and I think it's a perfect size (although I admit that I do want the 35 as well, but that's only because I want something that fits my laptop).
  6. I don't need any more room, and the extra room in the 35 will be unused, lol. I just wonder if the big bag trend means I need my Speedy to look bigger compared to me. I am half Asian, but my other half made me much bugger than the petite Asian women, lol.

    Also, does elux take long to exchange?
  7. I think the 30 looks good on you!:smile:
  8. The 30 looks great on you, but if you want the 35 then go for it.
  9. Ditto! I think you'd rock the 35 well! :yes:
  10. I'd go for the 35 too, I love big bags! I'm short 5"1 and prefer the look of the 30 so I know if I were tall I'd be craving the 35.
  11. hey ya!!! I reckon the 30 looks great on ya!!! But if you're doubting the 30 then go for the 35... you should always be 100% happy with what you carry!!! good luck!!! :biggrin:
  12. ITA. 30 looks great but why not check out the 35 too? the more LV the better :graucho:
  13. I think the 35 would probably look better IMHO, but I still really like the 30 :smile:
  14. I chose function of the bag...if you think 30 is more useful than 35, you should keep it...
    and Congrats for your new bag!