am i too anal about my lambskin flap?

  1. My brand new black lambskin flap has been sitting in my closet for a while. I am just too anal to even touch it...sigh, now i regret i should have gotten a caviar. But lambskin is so divine:drool: ...

    r u as anal as me? Would you wish u had a caviar instead?
  2. i use my lambskin quite a lot but if anyone bumps into my bag or gets too close while out shopping i get really annoyed!!!
  3. i think that is a bit anal!
  4. the gst is next on my list, that way i can use it every day. but i dont regret buying my lambskin, i love it.
  5. I carry my lambskin bags but "protect" them with my arm if there's a potential purse-scratching situation. It's always an exercise in damage limitation! I shield the bags with my body :p
  6. I'm not anal about any of my black bags, but my beige lambskin is another story. I wore it once and guarded it with my life and pretty much kept everyone at arm's distance--literally! I feel bad that it's not getting out but I am so paranoid with it.
  7. Honestly, you may not need to baby your lambskin bag as much as you think. I've had this large Chanel lambskin shoulder bag for about two years now, and while it does scratch easily, the scratches rub out with your fingertip. It's been knocked around and caught in the rain, and it still looks good. For me the, the softness of the lambskin outweighs the durability issue.

    Chanel family pic.JPG
  8. wow, cosmo. that's is a gorgeous bag.
  9. I'm feeling your pain too. My new e/w coral bag still has the tag on it. Of course, we had a false start with spring -- snowed last weekend. If your bag is black, navy, it's not as much of a concern as with the lighter colors. I have given mine a light, very light dusting of leather protector so if any dirt gets on it, it will truly be a test of whether a baby butt wipe works on lambskin. Just the thought of having to do this, is upsetting. (Is that anal enough or what?!!)
  10. I have a classic lambskin flap in black and worry about scratches too. But I just try to be as careful as I can whenever I use it. Never regret getting lambskin.
  11. Definitely "baby" your baby when you can, but take her out of the closet! :yes: Ease yourself into it, take it on a short errand to start with, but it's too pretty to not have it out on your shoulder/arm so others can admire too (and I do agree, they are hardier than they would appear at first) Good luck! (it gets easier. . . my first Chanel outing I wanted to wrap it in bubble wrap!)
  12. cosmo - i love your bag :smile: gorgeous
  13. I understand your concern--I worry about my bags too.

    I don't think you need to worry quite so much about black lambskin, though. Light colored lambskin can discolor easily, and it shows scuffs a lot. Black is a lot more resilient.

    I have a vintage black lambskin classic flap, and it still looks great. It was scuffed when I got it, but I used a black leather touch-up kit, and then leather protector, and it really improved the appearance. I use the bag, and although I'm careful, I don't worry that much because I know if a scuff does happen, I can touch it up.

    Enjoy your bag--that's what it's for!!! :smile:
  14. Cosmo, I have the same bag in taupe and I love it but am so scared to wear it!! Any suggestions for how to stainproof lambskin? Also, do you know what the style is called? I would love to get in black.
  15. My SA said to use the bag as much as possible within the next 2 years... chanel covers any wear and tear.

    Thats too funny... i bought a white w/sh and beige w/gh both in caviar and wished i had gotten one in lambskin but then i bought a mini black lambskin to make up for it :happydance: