am i to fat for a classique


Mar 6, 2007
ok so i like the classique and the city but i want to buy a yellow bag like a lemon yellow. am i to big for a classique im 5 feet tall and a size 18 way over what i should be at 188 pound . or should i just buy the city i like the city also but im scared its to much bag for such a bright color. i have a denim bag the same size as the city that i love .im torn city or classique in a lemon yellow? p.s please do not say any thing mean i know im fat and im trying to work on that .:confused1:


Apr 28, 2006
Welcome to the club. I'm a 16 and I prefer the City, just because I have a lot of junk and it all fits in there.


Nov 14, 2006
what is going on here?? too tall, too fat - you girls are crazy! a b-bag is a one size fits all kind of thing - from the smallest mini coin to the biggest traveller, they are all gorgeous!

wear your b-bag and be proud! i think the first would be brilliant in yellow! go for it :yes:
Jan 20, 2007
You go girl!

Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what size OR shape you are!

OWN that bag! ROCK that bag! LOVE that bag! Get the color you want in the shape (of the bag!!) you want!!

Can't wait to hear your final decision!


Mar 2, 2006
same here! Too tall, too fat... who cares! What is important is you find the right size for your needs. I personally like the city because I carry many things, and usually use my first or aka classique for evenings. If you think that having a yellow city is too much color for your comfort, then by all means, get the classique.


Mar 12, 2007
You go girl!

Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what size OR shape you are!

OWN that bag! ROCK that bag! LOVE that bag! Get the color you want in the shape (of the bag!!) you want!!

Can't wait to hear your final decision!

:heart::heart: Like Sweetheart said, I agree! You will look beautiful with a first size or if you are like me and carry a lot in your bag, you might want to consider the City size! Please post pics when you get your bag!
(PS -- marigold sounds like a gorgeous yellow and it is a new fall color, have you seen it?):heart::heart:


Apr 19, 2006
I don't think you need to be under a size 4 to carry the First. That's the pleasure of handbags - they always fit!

Good luck with what you choose whether it be First or the City!

Jan 3, 2006
Upstate NY; too far from NYC :-(
I am a size 14-16 (working sooooo hard on this!!!) but I would carry a First.

I know it is hard; we see all these pics of the beautiful skinny PF'ers with their b-bags and think "oh, that can't look good on me". But you need to get what you love; I bet you would look smashing carrying a marigold classique (or any other color for that matter). It is all about confidence and how you carry the bag that counts.

I say GO FOR IT!!


miss old school Bal
I'm the same, size 14 Australian. I love to wear the City & Work during the day and the Makeup Clutch in the evening. I tried the First. I guess that style didn't look bad with my figure, but I didn't like how it didn't hold much. The latest Bbag styles like the giant hobo & brief are actually the same shape as my pear-figure, so I have avoided those styles (LOL)
Apr 17, 2006
Aw Sweetie, you are not alone! I am no skinny-minny....but I am learning to love my curves!! I own so many different styles of BBags and I just try to work each one with my outfit and the mood that I am in!! I am a UK size 16 and about 5"3 and love my firsts!!


✯ mathemagician ✯
Nov 4, 2006
Don't put yourself down like that! That is not healthy for you self esteem :sad: And btw, surely nobody here will ever be mean to you!

As for the bag: Bal has never really made a lemon yellow. There was the color *marigold*, which is a warm yellow tone (like sunshine). There was *anis*
which is a light greenish yellow. (btw both these colors are very hard to find!)
Then next season there will be *jaune* which is a warm yellow with brown undertones. (many people are on a waitlist for this color, so it might be a hard to get as well :sad: )

marigold is probably closest to lemon yellow. Do a search on this forum tho to decide which color will be perfect for you!

And now for the size: have you considered the twiggy style? It looks smaller that the city, but fits just as much! It is such a cool style :love: ... I need one too ;)