Am I thinking too much? i need help choosing a new bag!

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  1. so, it all started last sunday. i have been carrying my Chloe Paddy for awhile now and was thinking about carrying one of my Louis again... then I saw one of my church person... young girl.. may be around 19 yrs... carrying denim neo speedy... the very same bag that i was thinking about... in same beautiful blue.. then i start to wonder, did she have that all this time? because it looked pretty new (vachetta was light)... mine is a little more loved... the problem is.. i really don't like having someone carry the same bag as me at such a close makes it seem less special.. and starting to wonder if she bought it after seeing mine... not that it would change anything. so... i have been searching high and low for another bag that i can carry that is unique and not over the top expensive... i have my multicolor speedy, but felt it was big. (neo speedy is perfect size!) n the bedford is too shiny... any suggestions? a new LV under 1000?? nothing too wide spread? ( meaning no speedys n NF)
  2. Hmm are you thinking of getting something brand new or pre-loved? I think with your budget you'll be able to get pre-loved limited edition bags at consignment shops, etc. Maybe another limited edition speedy?
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    If you want something that no one else ever has it will have to be custom made or it'll be far less likely if it's ultra-expensive (like the $15,000 bag another tpf'er revealed). Someone else will still have any purse you buy. Why does that matter? It makes it less special because you saw ONE person with a bag you have? Seriously??? If you want an LV that's only $1000 (that's not a lot in the land of LV) you will find someone else that has whatever you buy. Not being mean. Just being honest.

    Edit: Not being snarky cuz your price range is my range too ($1000-$1500) but more people will have the same bag in that price range.
  4. There are quite a number of less common bags, so it really depends on what you like and what community you are in. Perhaps you could consider getting a LE bag (pre-loved or new with tags). Usually those will be less of a common sight, but of course there's no guarantee you won't run into bag twins.
  5. thank u to all for the replies... i really don't mind running into bag twins and i am not looking to get a bag that no one else has but i just wasnt fond of the idea of having the girl have the same bag as me when i will be seeing her often...(small church) and i do want a new bag.. just something different...
  6. what do u think of delightful or totally??
  7. Maybe you should visit the boutique and see what catches your eye. If you are bothered by a bag twin, then sell the bag in question and upgrade to something new.