Am I the only....

  1. ...crazy person that is completely obsessed with H but has never seen an H bag in real life?

    I was talking to one of my tPF friends earlier about where I live-- middle-of-nowhere Arkansas. I've never seen a real Hermes bag. Heck, I've never seen a fake! I saw a Kelly style bag a few weeks ago at a cheap purse store here but it wasn't really a fake Kelly, just a very similar design. So yeah, I've never seen an H bag up close. Just pictures and the internet and TV/Movies. Yet i'm totally obsessed! I'm about to get my first H bag and I've never even seen one, never held one in my hands. You have to understand, the only good stores here are Sephora, Coach, and Dillard's, and the latter two aren't like, the greatest ever, but they're all we've got. No NM, Saks, Macy's, Bloomie's, LV, H, Gucci, Prada, BCBG, Michael Kors-- no outlet malls, even! We've got NOTHING! I am in like... Fashion Hell. I will, seriously, be the only girl in Northwest Arkansas with an H bag. Most people here don't know what Hermes is. I'm serious. Like 99% of the people here look at me like I'm speaking Egyptian when I say "Hermes". The only people that do, are the girls that work at Sephora because they have H perfumes :push:

    Am I the only one? Did any of you live so far out that your first H was the first time you'd ever seen one? Anyone here not ever seen an H bag for real? I'm sure I must be the only one and it's totally embarassing, considering I lived in Naples, FL for a year-- and didn't know about H, so never went to the boutique at Waterside-- I kick myself for that daily. The closest H and LV boutiques to me are 500 miles away in Dallas.


    Anyway, sorry for ramblin'-- just curious! LOL!
  2. well sort of . many many MANY moons ago when i was a little lilach i was only able to admire H in the local magasins no boutique up to this day in my home country(heck why featuring in local magazines if you can´t get it heh i still do not get this ) but i knew right from the start i would want to own something H when i was older. so yeah i liked H before actually having it in my little hands and what can i say everything went downhill once i got to try the quality the leathers etc all that what h is essentially all about above all style issues. so in my experience if you love h now you will fell for it endlessly when your time comes to feel it sneeze it smell it and harass it. funnily enough my first purchase was not a leathergood but a cashmere sweater - go figure
  3. I´m sure you´re not the only one. There not common here at all either.
  4. I've seen Very few IRL, below 5. (excluding store) And i have been on the lookout for about 4 years now. Mind you i wasn't always educated on all H bag styles, so a few may have passed me.
  5. I'm not in an as bad as fashion hell as you, but not that far from. We only have Hermes China here. I have seen bags IRL though, and I always ended up not likeing the ones I thought I'd like when seeing it on the computer, so I'd just like to "warn" you, don't get too hyped up! I'm sure you'll get to an hermès soon enough. =)
  6. I have only ever seen them behind glass (in the store) and twice in the hands of their owners on the street. I have yet to touch Hermes leather!
  7. Hehe, I'm so glad I'm not alone ;)
  8. Nope, not the only first bag was my first in-person sighting!
  9. I bought my Evelyne by phone sight unseen. I had only seen pics here on tPF. I finally did get to an H boutique but still have never touched a Kelly and yet I hope to get one in the spring.

    I know what you mean about people not knowing what H is. Even when people compliment my H perfume and ask what it is and I say Hermes... they look totally perplexed!
  10. Yes, I'm pretty much under the radar with my bags. My experiences in the H boutiques are when I travel. The closest Hermes is about 4 1/2 hrs away. I havent seen anyone else locally with an H bag. ( but I only became really aware of them a few years ago) I guess I might be surprised.
  11. On the bright side, Sarah, it may make it easier to control the effects of your H addiction... it sounds like the nearest boutique is still very far away!!
  12. I don't think location will really help, since there's always eBay. ;)
  13. i never noticed hermes bags until i wanted one myself. now bolides, plumes, evelyns, kellies, and birkins are popping up everywhere! i guess i'm just more aware!